Video Marketing Goals for 2017

How to Define Measurable Video Marketing Goals

The first step to any successful marketing campaign in 2017 is setting realistic goals for your professional video marketing team. Once there is a clear set of goals and objectives in place your team can begin working towards your 2017 marketing intention with confidence and direction. This is not new information to most marketing teams, as setting reachable goals has always been a key component to basic business strategy. What is unique and sometimes troubling about modern video marketing campaigns is that video is a relatively new field and professional video marketing teams will often set unrealistic expectations for their staff. At Skillman Video Group, we understand our limits and what our team is capable of. We know how to set goals that are ambitious yet achievable, so we have put together a list of things to consider when setting goals for your own marketing plan.

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What is your marketing intent? If you are trying to raise brand awareness, introduce a new product or completely redesign your brand you must pinpoint what it is that you are trying to accomplish. It will be easier to create unified and effective content when all members of the team are working towards the same target. Identify all of your goals for the entire process, from beginning to end before entering any stages of professional video production, SEO or social media outreach. Make sure that you know what you are trying to say.

  • What is the message that you are trying to send your audience? Be clear about what you want the viewer to take away from your videos and online content.
  • Will this content encourage them to subscribe?
  • Will they want to contact you?It is important to always include fast and easy ways for viewers to connect with your business or else they will lose interest.

How do you Determine your Target Audience?


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Before you can connect with your audience, your professional video marketing team must understand their audience. Who are they? What platforms are they using? What types of content are they searching for? It is equally as important for your business to understand what they are trying to accomplish within their audience, are you focused on increasing followers and views or are you targeting a specific group? If you are a corporate video production company doing B2B marketing you may choose to use more traditional platforms and styles like email marketing and SEO. If you are selling a product or service to millennials you would most likely choose a more trendy and current style and use social platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat rather than email. All of your marketing decisions should be based around who you are trying to reach and what you want to convey to them.   

How to Measure Marketing Campaign Effectiveness

You are investing your time and resources into this marketing operation and you want to be able to see Editing Video Contenthow much is has accomplished. Is success quantifiable? The easiest way to gauge the success of your content is by simply analyzing the raw data. How many people visited your website this month? How many subscribers do you have? How many of these subscribers are new? By counting views, likes and followers you can easily organize your data for a clear representation of how many people are engaging with your content. You can compare data from the new content with old data and see if your marketing strategy is actually working. This is a way to measure both long term and short term results. If you are thinking more about your long term goals for audience engagement, you need to identify what kind of impact you want your content to have on your audience. Are you trying to increase your client base? Are you using corporate professional video production to help a certain department or product? Success is not always quantifiable, but in order to understand your goals your corporate video production company must be able to measure the success of their marketing plan.

Marketing Effective Metrics

DSC_0807This may seem obvious, but it is crucial to know what your professional video marketing team has at their disposal. Is this a small, independent project or a large scale corporate endeavor? Be aware of your professional video production budget and only plan projects that you know you can afford, and maybe give yourself a little extra funding just in case there are unforeseen problems during production. What kind of technology will this project require? Does your business have the required skills and equipment to pull this off this project? If your plan requires technology that your team is not familiar with, don’t be afraid to hire an outside professional much like our video production services, to help you achieve the look that you want. Finally, how much time will this project take? Is it going to take years or a few months? It is important to have a clear timeline of each of the stages of production before finalizing anything. Will this project fit into your schedule? Is it practical?

What is Smart in Marketing?

After reviewing all of these things to consider, are your goals realistic? Is this project going to be Professional Actorssuccessful? With all of your goals and production plans laid out, you corporate video production company must decide if this marketing plan is within reach. At this point your team should have done enough research and gathered the information to make this plan possible. It is important to recognize and accept when your marketing plan isn’t going to work. It may be hard to throw out the plans that you’ve already invested so much time into, but it will save you a lot of trouble in the future. Go back through all of the stages of your marketing plan and analyze each step so that you can decide as a team if this plan works for your video marketing company.

Knowing your goals is a key part of any successful marketing strategy. Creating unrealistic expectations for your team is problematic but setting goals that are too easy can negate your team’s motivation. When you have completed your plan and all of your content is ready to publish don’t forget to comb through everything that you have done one last time, keeping your original goals in mind. This will ensure that you are sending the right message and optimizing your marketing strategy to it’s fullest potential!

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