B2B and Social Media Marketing

What is a B2B Marketing Strategy?

Business to business exchanges have been shaping the world market in many different forms through the transactions of products, services or even information rather than working between businesses and consumers. Social Media marketing has now transformed the meaning of B2B interactions because it places marketing campaigns at the fingertips of anyone they decide to target as their audience. It can be in the form of videos, pictures, or words but the main draw to this type of marketing isn’t only the variety but the reach it attains.

What is a B2B Brand?

There are 3 billion global Internet users to date meaning that there is plenty of opportunity to create and distribute to many different platforms using social media marketing. With Internet advertising growth accelerating, many companies are jumping at the chance to reach their consumer in an effective way that benefits the needs of the marketing strategy such as hiring video marketing companies. Some advertisers are too committed to traditional media for their business which isn’t in their favor. Television is still the largest percentage margin of the total media consumption time of advertising spent where as most consumers are going mobile.

B2B Marketing Strategies

Boston video marketing companies such as Skillman Video Group have worked on making the social media marketing experience more effective for many companies trying to achieve a higher return on business-to-business interactions. There are certain steps that need to be taken to properly gage a businesses social media marketing campaign. To have successful marketing through social media is to invest in a plan. The team organized to lead the marketing project needs to think about the strategic goals, objectives, and strategies that the company wants to accomplish through the Internet. Something to keep in mind is that not every social media platform is going to work for your new campaign. The team has to focus on what type of media will work best for the business or product being marketed. Incorporating content marketing is important for the overall strategy of a B2B social media. Creating blogs, posting photos and videos and working with other content to promote what the business does is all beneficial for company success. Finally, another easy way to connect with all your consumers and partners is to regularly engage online. Using video production services can really benefit a companies B2B social media presence but replying to comments and making an effort to engage through other platforms can really increase the impact by making it feel more like “human-to-human” marketing.

B2B Social Media Best Practices

Business to business marketing has to stay primarily professional when creating various types of content. Since B2C industries can be more casual when connecting with their main consumers, B2B social media marketing campaigns have to work harder to create content that will grab the attention of the desired audience. Three networks that should be focused on are LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for any B2B social media marketing team. Now for some of us, it would seem like all of these were a given, but these specific platforms really generate a lot of traction for the given marketing strategies of businesses. LinkedIn really stands out as the most important with these three sites because of the many professional and beneficial applications it provides. The discussion groups that LinkedIn can facilitate create a network to engage with your audience and a perfect way to distribute content. A key tip to focus on though when writing in these discussion groups is not to come off too promotional because that is a turn off for many customers.

B2b Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing again has many different way to reach audiences coming from written text to video production. Many people will overlook a marketing campaign if it is in the written form but a video can really grab the attention of your given audience. Even corporate video ideas can peak curiosity in a possible consumer outside the general field. Another benefit to using social media and video for marketing campaigns is promoting content to third party sites such as news outlets and professional associations. Third party sources are highly beneficial for B2B marketers because other consumers trust the credibility and sincerity of the posts.

B2B Social Media Examples

There are a few notable companies that are really capitalizing on B2B social media marketing campaigns. Intel on Facebook has used social media to celebrate and embrace their diversity amongst their engineers. The excitement and passion shown through this marketing strategy grabbed the attention of many and strengthened the corporate culture by helping recruitment efforts.

B2B Instagram Strategies

GoToMeeting on Instagram is also really taking the attention on social media. The quality of content that a company decides to share reflects directly to their work ethic and practices. Social media is interpreted this way, which means every post needs to have meaning and purpose. Consumers want to see informative, helpful, and entertaining content. GoToMeeting only has about 100 posts on its Instagram but each one is very high quality and contributes to their overall mission.

B2B Social Media Best Practices

There are many different ways to improve a B2B social media marketing campaign. The point taken from this whole process is that it is a beneficial way to reach out to many different audiences and advance a company’s effort in marketing. Whether a business is using LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook for their marketing needs, the strategy has to be clear and effectively presented to audiences/potential consumers.

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