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Boston Video Production Company

If you’re on this page, then there’s a good chance that you’re using Google to help you find a production company in Boston. If you’re not looking for a Boston Production Company, and you’ve found this page, then I commend the effort it must have taken you to get here!

On this page, you’ll learn a little about us and then a lot about the services that Skillman Video Group offers to businesses in the Boston area and beyond.

Top Video Production Company in New England

Skillman Video Group has been actively creating and marketing video content for large, small, national and international businesses since 2005. Our founder, Christina Skillman, who currently serves as our CEO and Creative Director, used her years of experience working in Cable Television and Documentary Production to launch SVG from an apartment in Somerville. We’ve grown considerably since those days, and now operate out of our offices in Boston’s famous Faneuil Hall. Our success as a Boston Production Company is indebted to a variety of factors.

At Skillman Video Group we:

  • Have consistently been at the forefront of internet marketing strategies. The internet was a very different place in 2005. Memes were a virtual obscurity back then! But even then, we saw the potential for developing business opportunities on the web.
  • Approach projects like the creative professionals that we have proven ourselves to be. Skillman Video Group is comprised of business-savvy individuals who enjoy the creative process. We understand that creative content is valuable only when it complements a business’s strategy.
  • Can create video content in a variety of formats that’s interesting, and tells a compelling story about your business.

Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group is a Boston Production Company that offers a wide range of services. All of these services are designed to give your business an edge over the competition when dealing with online marketing, the production of video content, and outreach obstacles. We firmly believe, and have the evidence to back up our belief, that video provides business’s with the edge that’s needed to stand out online. What sets us apart as a Boston Production Company is our ability to holistically tackle the production and distribution of video through the internet.

Boston Video Marketing Strategies

In other words, what’s the value of creating a wonderful video for your business if no one sees it? We have the tools to ensure that your business’s story is seen and heard. If you are looking for a Boston Production Company that not only creates great content, but also gets the word out about it, then Skillman Video Group can provide your business with the tools needed to reach a wide audience. Some of the tools that we strategically implement are:

  • SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a marketing strategy that describes several different actions that can be done to increase the number of visitors your website attracts through search engines. In other words, SEO is marketing through search engines. This process begins with the design of a website that can host valuable content that incorporates a keyword strategy, branding, reputation management, and social media marketing that is designed to generate leads.
  • Social Media Marketing, which is much more than just curating a Facebook page. We approach social media marketing with a strategy that is catered to our client’s specific needs. Not every business should rely on the same social networks to generate buzz and direct leads. Skillman Video Group is the Boston Production Company that understands which social networks to engage customers and clients on, and the unique approaches that work for unique business models.
  • Email Marketing, where we approach and develop an email marketing strategy that is both cost-effective and valuable for generating direct leads. When done properly, email marketing gives businesses the opportunity to offer something of value to new or existing customers throughout each stage of the buying process. Email marketing is not only cost-effective and effective, but it’s also highly measurable, simple to implement, and immediate.

Producers in Boston

We pride ourselves on the video content that we have produced over the years for clients both large and small. For us, the most important element of creating videos is finding the essence of the business that we are working with. In other words, what is your business’s story? How has the business grown over the years, and what central tenets comprise your organization?

We are in the business of telling a great stories, which is why we are always eager to learn yours. Whether you need a video for external marketing purposes, or for purposes that are internal to your organization, we will help you develop your story into captivating, creative video.

Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 1-800-784-0140.