Boston Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group is a Boston video production company that caters to many clients and businesses needs. We have a unique perspective of making sure our work not only fits the needs of the client but also turns into a successful piece of video production content. All of the services offered here at SVG are targeted to focus on producing the best content in this complex business setting and generating fantastic online marketing.

What Services Does SVG Provide?

As a Boston video marketing company, SVG strives to work with clients who are searching for a way to effectively evoke their business model, for example through training videos, or just need some help with a promotional campaign. There are many forms of video production that can prove to be very beneficial for companies seeking a better way to reach their potential consumers. Here is a list of video production and marketing projects that Skillman Video Group is capable of working on.

  1. BrandingWe consult
  2. Professional Video Production
  3. Live Event Coverage
  4. Videomercials
  5. Animation
  6. Social Video Marketing
  7. Search Engine Optimization
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Website Development

All of these wonderful services can benefit a business looking for professional and trustworthy help in the video production field. With so many services available to a client looking for assistance, Skillman Video Group can tailor our work to each individual video marketing need and produce valuable material.

Why Video Production Now?

Video content is growing rapidly on the Internet whether it is being seen from a Boston YouTube channel or even a global companies marketing campaign. The best way to get ahead of the competition is also to get on board the video marketing train! There are so may possibilities for your company to generate more business through video as shown through SVG’s many production services. The potential to have an amazing campaign is there, but with our guidance and specialized help. Any company, whether big or small, can start to reach an untapped market. The first step is realizing that video production is with right move for your company and then contacting our office to start the process of creating a marketable piece of content.

Details On The Types Of Services

Skillman Video group has many services to offer businesses looking for a production company in Boston. Lets get into a little more detail about these types of video productions.

Live Event Coverage:

Corporate Panel

Panel Segment

While working on a live event set, the crew has to always be ready for anything that can happen. Since it is a live there is no room for errors, the video production crew must remember to have a proper rundown of the events activities so that they can be properly equip for the proceeding filming. Check out our blog post written about live production coverage that SVG worked on earlier this summer.

Social Video Marketing:

When a business is trying to work on building a marketing campaign for their service or product, it is crucial to put your best media forward. SVG has worked with various companies who were looking for that extra flare to put them over their competition. An example of this would be creating a “How To Video” for a company’s product. This works on many different platforms such as increasing the viewership, understanding, and then potentially having a greater sale of the product. Check out this “How To Video” produced by our very own Boston video company, Skillman Video Group!


How To Videos-Cosmetic Company from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

Professional Video Production: 

Trying to make a video production on your own might be a fun experience and enable you to tap into some fun hobbies that you weren’t aware of, but as a professional video production company it is SVG’s job to create a video for your business that will generate consumer interest. Brain storming corporate video ideas and producing a final product is a service that is offered for client seeking this type of marketing assistance. A demo video is a brilliant way to connect with a companies consumer market while demonstrating how the product works. This is a way to bring the company right into the home of the consumer creating a real connection and assistance with a product. Take a look at this demonstration video SVG produced.

Demo Video from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

These are just some of the many examples that we work on at SVG to make any business have the most effecting video production marketing campaign. With the multitude of services provided by our Boston production company, SVG is ready to create innovative marketing content solutions for our clients. Today’s market is difficult and changing quickly so if your company or business is seeking a better way to get recognized and make your mark, our Boston video production services is the key to success. Our goal is to create and produce content that will inspire consumers to give a company or product a venture. Your story needs to be conveyed to the business world and we want to be the video production company to do so in the most effective and experienced way. This can be done by translating the concept to content with the video production services provided by Skillman Video Group.