Brand Video

Branding, brand, and branded; three different words but the meaning stays the same. For some businesses, the idea of branding can be intimidating. When it comes to developing an image of a company or product the goal is to keep consumers in mind while also using attractive imagery. Since the rise of social media, brand videos have taken over the majority of a branding marketing strategy. No longer does a business have to worry about reaching an audience when sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, Vimeo, and Instagram provide a platform to reach outside the realm of just local interest.

What is a Brand Video?

A brand video is a video aimed to show off a particular product, prototype or company. It is perfect for product releases, for it delivers the product to the consumers through visuals while also showing the logistics and functionality of the product or system. One thing to keep in mind is that a brand video doesn’t have to just involve a product, it could also include a new system, app, or company launch. Overall, the goal is to display a particular image and show what it can offer to the consumers.

Here is an example of Skillman Video Group brand video:


Though each video is different, the soft visuals and tone of each are similar. At SVG we understand that when a company is looking to create a brand video they don’t want their customers to feel pressured or overwhelmed by the product. The consumers need to feel a connection to the product, company, or system. Some video production companies look to be flashy by adding effects that take away from the brand. However, the goal isn’t to be flashy but to show the off the brand in a way that isn’t in your face, or in the consumers face. A brand video must connect to the consumers through tone and image. If a business is showing off homemade candles then the video will be softer with beautiful images of the products in a setting that is cozy. Why these elements? A video production and video marketing company must know the brand and the audience for the product. When are candles used? In a relaxed setting, and thus the tone is softer with the element of feeling cozy and at home. Yet, this is just one example of a brand video and all videos don’t have to be soft. In other words, the video is developed through the eyes or mindset of the consumer and should portray elements that will directly connect to them.

Why is it popular?

As social media grows, brand videos have become more popular. Statistically 64% of consumers use YouTube to review a product before purchasing. Written reviews aren’t enough in a world that revolves around streaming, images, and likes. With sites such as YouTube allowing a consumer to review the product visually there is a greater trust built between the consumer and product as well as the consumer and business. Though written reviews do provide insight on the product, being able to see how it functions visually increases the chances of a purchase. The same can be said for a brand video about a company or system. Hearing or reading about a business or system is good, but watching a video that is visually appealing and directly connects to the consumer is better. Would a consumer rather be told about a brand, or would they rather see proof of all the brand has to offer? Word of mouth was great for businesses 10 years ago, but moving into a digital age that is fast paste and is directly run by image, a brand video is the best way to reach the targeted audience.

Connecting to the Consumers

Creating relationships are a big part of video production especially between the client and production crew. However, creating a relationship between a business and consumer is just as important. Storytelling is a part of every video SVG produces and the same can be said for brand videos. Showing off the brand is a large part of a brand video but creating a relationship with the consumer without meeting them directly is what separates the video from competitors. A consumer wants to feel a connection to the brand and see themselves using the product or forming a relationship with the business. By developing a connection to the consumer it will ultimately lead to trust and will further business with the consumer down the road for other product launches or announcements.

Why a Brand Video?

Similar to all SVG video production shoots, the brand video process is the same. This meaning we take the same approach when it comes to developing a brand video; we plan, discuss ideas and the story with the client, set a date and time to shoot, create an outline of the day, film, and send the raw video to post-production.

Yet, some businesses might ask whether a brand video would be the right fit for them. Yes, there are other video styles such as training, testimonial, and a commercial but a brand video’s soul purpose is to show off a brand. If a business is making an announcement or launching a product the goal is to drive attention to that. If a company wants to show how they are committed to their clients then a testimonial video is best. A brand video includes a little bit of every style within. Though no in depth interviews are involved, the music, tone, and setting creates an environment that draws in the attention of the audience. Some brand videos may include an employee discussing how a product works or the attributes of a business, but overall the focus is not on the employee but the brand.

Whether a large company or a small business, a brand video sets the tone for an announcement or product launch. SVG has produced a variety of brand videos over the years, and each has propelled a business and its brand out of the woodworks. If your business is looking to focus directly on a brand and give your consumers a place to review your product visually, then a brand video is the route to take.

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