Cross Platform Video Strategies

YouTube Video MarketingVideo Marketing Tips

Marketing can be presented to a consumer in many different shapes and sizes. Some can’t even recognize that a company is marketing a product towards them because of the level of quality and skill that goes into a campaign. But this doesn’t just apply to television and radio advertisements that nowadays s are fast forwarded through or ignored completely with a click of the remote. The Internet is where the marketing game is playing, and many companies are ready to hit a home run. As Skillman Video Group, a Boston video marketing company, has stated, “With the proliferation of video on the web, social media and content management systems, we believe that in the not-too-distant-future, marketing on the Internet will claim a greater role than even TV or radio.” This has proven to be a successful statement and ultimately very beneficial for SVG since it was founded in the beginning years of social media Internet activity. So now that we know the target area to market and advertise, what content should go where to be the most effective?

Top Digital Marketing Platforms

Since the Internet first took form, people have evolved and created many platforms that have become very popular. Several include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These social media sites have shaped the way people use the Internet and how they get marketed to most importantly. Video marketing has proved to be a strong way to get the attention of many active social media users, and being a Boston video production company, SVG has capitalized on learning the best techniques that benefit each site differently. Each platform including even a small Boston YouTube channel needs to recognize the benefits that the specific site enables and capitalize on them. Each one is unique and tailors to different crowds so making sure the marketing video you create fits that criteria is key for a successful business campaign.

mobile video marketingHow Does Facebook Promote your Business?

Videos on Facebook receive a lot of views and shares because of the simplicity of the system. Someone posts a video and then a friend views it and reposts it to their own wall. It’s this simple method of content sharing that marketers can take into consideration when thinking about Facebook as a platform. An option for improving your marketing on this top ranking social media site is to work with the live streaming function. Live streaming can show any customer or fan a behind the scenes look at what makes your company run and how it is done. This unique feature that Facebook provides to its users can redefine your marketing and customer service ratings.

How do I improve my Twitter Account?

Some organizations, like Boston video production companies, are going to start jumping at the chance to market specifically for Twitter users. It is great news that the app for this platform is going to make viewing videos more friendly and accessible which will encourage more people to engaging in the product being marketed. Twitter video can be used as a way to keep real-time news. It can be a great way to connect people during natural disasters or special events to see through the eyes of many individuals a different side of what is happening through the use of video. A way to promote a brand or company on twitter is by keeping it short and sweet. Micro videos for twitter will get the point across in a condensed message that will give the viewer just enough to grasp the concept and be intrigued. Taking advantage of the engagement that Twitter enables through video content will make video marketers very pleased and successful with their brands.

What is YouTube Marketing?

This platform is a way to show viewers and potential customers types of video production services. A marking team can work on a corporate training video and gain more traction by sharing on YouTube because of the simplicity of sharing the content. Some styles of marketing videos on YouTube include entertaining videos, how-to videos, and product education videos which all have their strengths and weaknesses. A brand or company has to decide what style fits their personality and then follow through with that vision. Once the video is complete it is crucial to have a strong SEO plan and a visually appealing thumbnail to encourage people to click on your video.

Instagram Marketing Tips

It is important on Instagram to incorporate a few key elements to ensuring successful marketing campaigns on this platform. An important thing that a brand can do is to make sure that your profile, bio, and a clear link to your main site are all on the main page. This will make it easy for customers to have all the information they need to find, follow, and connect with them. Another important feature on Instagram is to use hashtags correctly and selectively so that it stay relevant. Watch out for misspelling and auto corrections that don’t work, but if done correctly hashtags can connect your brand to a whole new market. As a Boston video company, Skillman Video Group knows how to create and tell the story of your brand so that it can be successful on any platform.