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Last week, longtime client Crown Uniform & Linen Service, contacted Skillman Video Group to produce an updated corporate video that will go on their homepage of their website. It is one out of fifteen video to produced. The video shoot took a full day to film. Skillman videographer Jake Thomas used a Sony FS-7 camera and a Steadicam to stabilize and record b-roll footage throughout the factory.

He got footage of employees scanning clothes, functioning machines, employees mounting uniforms on to trucks, and rooftop shots of the solar panels that help run the building, while Skillman intern Chris Acevedo helped Jake set up throughout the day and take photos.

Christina Skillman interviewed Joe, Plato, George and Arthur, owners of Crown, gaining insight into and how the company got to be in the position it is today. With all the improvements from the water filter system to the machinery, Crown has been around since 1914. The interviews were efficient and were completed on time. Christina interviewed the owners on the second floor, a great location with a view of the factory running.

Importance of Corporate Video Content 

One of the biggest benefits of being a video production company that specializes in media content is the opportunity to work on corporate videos. The reason why corporate videos are important is that it can help communicate the story to the intended audience. By introducing the client or partner to the history of Boston video production servicesthe company, this will help the viewer relate to a business on an emotional level. Being able to establish a face to a company helps humanize it. Having an individual or individuals communicate to the intended audience helps build trust. It is perceived more credible for a company to have a recognized figure than to have none at all. Even big companies like Jim Beam and Sprint both have people representing their brand, Mila Kunis (Jim Beam) and Paul Marcarelli (Sprint) represent the brand to personify a company to present them as “regular people.”

Lastly, shooting on-sight can create a sense of realism for the company. It shows that a company doesn’t always run perfectly and that at times owners have to get to get involved. It helps bring perspective and shows brand loyalty.

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