Email Video Marketing

Across all platforms, video is an attention getter

For social media and websites, video’s usefulness is clear. For email, however, its usefulness is less obvious. There are a few tricks to incorporating video into a successful email marketing campaign. Here is a guide to getting the most out of video via email.

Cater to your audience, but also your venue

Unlike a website that can be designed and social media platforms whose functionality is standard, email is a venue that is experience through many different mediums. The most popular email clients are Gmail and Outlook, however Apple Mail, Yahoo, and Thunderbird are prominent too. Every one of these email clients has different video playback functionality. Basically, some play the video in the email, and some do not. Take a look at the infographic below to get a sense of the breakdown: Email-support-of-video-e1379090873273 (Image courtesy of   The most popular email clients, Gmail and Outlook, do not support video playback, and so because most of your emails will be seen through these clients, it’s wise to accommodate for them. Instead of embedding a Youtube video into your email, take a screenshot of the video player, enter the screen shot into your email appropriately, and link the picture to where the actual video is hosted (Vimeo, Youtube, etc). The screenshot will look exactly like a video player, but instead of playing within the email it is seen, upon clicking it’ll redirect the viewer to their browser and play the video there.   Another great way to get your email video seen is to link the video player image to a targeted landing page on our site. Follow all of the instructions above, but link your email video player image to a landing page on your site with the video embedded above the fold – among other relevant and informative content. This will work really well to increase click through rates, just remember to set your embedded video to auto-play!

Your video for email should be 30-90 seconds long

Attention spans vary, but you can bet that someone who clicks on a video they receive in an email, they’re not going to grab some popcorn and make an evening out of it. You want to grab their attention and be concise, on point, deliberate. Short and sweet is the idea here, spare the details and get your message across. The 30-90 second rule applies to email contacts at the top of the funnel (new customers or leads). If you’re emailing clients that a further down the sales funnel, you can afford to add length to your video. For these emails, consider videos that may answer questions about your product or service, demonstrations, et cetera.

Fin: End of Video Call to Action

At the end of your video, place a compelling call to action. Direct them to more similar content they may like, encourage social media shares, or add a contact form they can fill out for more information. Calls to action don’t need to be complicated, and in fact shouldn’t be. Keep this step easy and simple for the user as possible.

Email Video Marketing

It’s important to understand the venue and make sure your email video marketing campaign can adapt. Unfortunately, for email it’s best to assume your video won’t play automatically, or possibly at all, given the email client used. Use these easy work-arounds to get your video clicked on within your email blasts, and even reap a few more silver lining benefits of better click through rates. Lastly, make sure your video has the right stuff for the job. Contact Skillman Video Group and let us help you create the perfect video email marketing campaign for your business.