Why Storytelling is so Important

Using Storytelling to Strengthen your Brand

Once Upon a Time. Long Ago and Far Away. In the Beginning.

We all recognize these infamous sentences; the sentences that start off some of our most beloved stories. After all, storytelling is arguably the most essential component to our culture. Before there were movies, there were books. Before there was written language, there was verbal language. Before words and conversation, there were cave drawings and gestural motions. All of these different periods of human civilization originate from one basic desire: the need to tell a story, to share an idea. We have been doing it since the dawn of time. It’s a very basic, simple concept that is at the center of our intelligence, evolution, and awareness. Humans are emotional creatures. By telling and listening to stories, we are easily able to understand and digest information. It becomes relatable and easy to remember; it connects us to our emotions, to other people around us, to the world we live in.

What is your Brand Story?

Okay, so, cave drawings and “Once Upon a Time”…how does this have anything to do with a professional video production company? Well, dear friends, it has everything to do with a professional video production company. Or, at least, a great one…

professional video production companyI encourage all of you to google: “Why is storytelling important?” When you do, you will be unexpectedly greeted with over 29 million search results. The pages provided will range from scientific studies of storytelling on CNN and National Geographic, to logistics on “the business of storytelling” on Forbes and Wall Street, and everywhere in between. Storytelling is rooted in everything we know and do as human beings. It is what puts us at the top of the food chain, it’s what keeps us intelligent and forever evolving, it’s what makes us us. That being said, the art [and skill] of “storytelling” is something that should never be overlooked. When all corners of humanity factually prove that storytelling is what advances us throughout the history of our existence, you can be sure that harnessing this skill set will advance you in your own respective business.

What is Visual Storytelling?

We all have those friends and family members who are awful at story-telling; ruining every good story, or funny joke that falls flat on its poor face at the dinner table. It’s tragic. Because, as humans, we all love a good story. It’s inherently ingrained in our psyche; a chemical desire that dates back to our days spent in caves with spears and little fires. At Skillman Video Group, storytelling is what we do every moment of every day. And not just “storytelling,” but great story telling. Effective storytelling. Innovative storytelling. If the function of your next video with us is to share your company with people who don’t yet know you, or to create corporate video content to best explain information to your employees and associates, YOU are TELLING a STORY!

When you work with SVG, our Boston video production teams are considered professionals in the art of telling stories. Moreover, we know how to change a regular story into a great story, and then translate that great story into an even greater video. When a great story makes its way onto film, you give it the ability to be shared with people all over the world. And, because all human beings are scientifically proven to love and gravitate towards good stories, your video has everyone’s attention. That is how good business is done: sharing your product with everyone in a way that grabs their attention and makes them want more.

Storytelling Marketing Examples

When you hire a professional video production company to take on
this task, you are putting your information and “story” into the hands of professionals who know how to most effectively create it. Different lighting creates different themes, different shot angles evoke different emotional responses, a punchline put at the end of a sentence makes for a different laugh than one put at the beginning of the sentence. There is a science to the cinematic techniques of best telling your story, and when you come to our Boston video production team, it is guaranteed to be exactly that: the professional best.

boston video production That being said, many of you are already great story tellers – we love to hear your ideas for your videos! Our video production company is a collaborative one that revels in working alongside our clients in the creative process. Many of out clients have wonderful ways that they’d like to share their information: a funny idea for an online video commercial that advertises their product, or a scenario to be acted out in a corporate training video that teaches their employees the best way to use the equipment. We work with you on these ideas, and take your work onto the film set; assisting with script writing, casting professionally trained actors, and hiring the very best professional videographers with state-of-the-art equipment.

Best Video Marketing Company in New England

Boston Small Business Award 2016As we’ve repeated above, people are naturally predisposed to listen, and therefore respond, to a good story. That is why scientists who study online trends say that “you need to capture your audience in the first five seconds of a video”, because if a good story grabs our attention right from the beginning, we are hooked. We enjoy it, it influences the way our minds perceive the information being told, and we are more likely to buy a product/services based upon our general experience with said story. Whether you are one of those people who always have a good story, or the one that accidentally tells the joke wrong at the dinner table, you can rest assured that SVG will be the absolute best with helping to tell your story. We will work alongside you, formulating the best story fit for your desired video content. We will deliver to you a product that you can be proud of. A video that will grab the attention of all who watch it. The best story to ever be told.

The End.