Intern Video Production: Step-by-Step

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At Skillman Video Group, all video production assistants must create a short viral video over the course of their internship. Interns must write, plan, shoot and edit the entire project on their own using the skills and techniques that they have learned during their time with Boston videographers. At first, this project may seem simple; the video must remain under two minutes (which is very short compared to SVG’s usual video marketing projects) but this project requires many hours of planning, execution and post production editing in order for it all to come together to reach the final product.

Video Marketing Ideas

The first thing that any intern needs to consider when starting any video marketing project is their intent. What is the goal of this video? What are we trying to say with this video and how are we going to say it? This video could highlight the benefits of working with a Boston video production company, it could explain why businesses should hire a corporate video production company or it could just be a funny parody video promoting the SVG brand.

Once our project intention is set, we must begin generating ideas for the video and writing the script. It is best to write several different drafts of different ideas and then after careful consideration select the script that you believe that you will be able to successfully create and that you feel is the most captivating.

What is Pre-Production on a Video?

Once the script is complete it is advised to do a practice run of the script and time it. This gives us a better idea of how long the script is because reading each line out loud at a slow, clear pace takes longer than reading it in your head. Boston videographers often find this step useful because it helps them cut extraneous scenes and revise the final draft so that it is tight.

Aside from finalizing the script, we must now begin planning the actual shoot. We need to decide where we plan on shooting each scene, who will be in the scene, and what props and equipment we will need. We also need to decide if we want to involve outside actors in the video or if we just want the cast to consist of ourselves and other members of the Boston video production company. It is important to get a grasp on how many different locations will be needed because this puts into perspective how many days will be needed to shoot the video. Once each scene is blocked and planned we will set a shoot date with Christina.

Video Production Steps

The first day of our intern video shoot has arrived! Before stepping on set, any Boston videographer must go through a checklist of their equipment to make sure that they have everything that they need and that they are prepared for the day on set. Here is a short list of things that future interns for a professional video production company like SVG should consider bringing with them on set.

  • Video camera – There is a very wide range of video recording technology that can be used to film online video content including both professional Sony Camcorders and iPhone cameras.
  • Audio Recording Device – Same as the video camera, the type and quality of gear can vary for these projects. Both professional microphones and iPhone audio recording applications will work.
  • Tripod – This is extremely necessary for the intern video project because not only do they need a way to steady the camera but there may be scenes where both interns are in front of the camera, so they need a way to position it.
  • Lighting – Interns may not have the budget for a professional studio, so they must remember to bring their own sources of lighting to stage and illuminate the shot when they are shooting on a location like an office, a bedroom, or restaurant.
  • Props – If your script requires props, bring them!
  • Costumes – Similar to props, bring the required outfits for your script. If your characters are playing a certain part, make sure to dress them as such.
  • Camera – Interns can bring a digital camera or an iPhone camera, but it is a good idea to take pictures while shooting to have for future promotions of the video and for social media purposes.

Aside from having the required gear, at this stage of production we must take on the role as both videographer and actor while filming our video. This means that as well as setting up each shot and managing the equipment, we must also stand in front of the camera and remember we lines and blocking. This type of multitasking can be very difficult because it requires patience and focus.

What is Post Production?

After we have successfully made it through all of our shoot days, the next step for an SVG intern is to begin editing their footage and assembling the final video project. Some video editing software that is often used by both professional video production companies and amateur videographers are iMovie and Final Cut Pro. Editing takes time and requires careful attention to detail. There will be hours of raw footage and audio to piece together, so don’t rush this step. Expect post-production editing to take a few days.

Final Product!

Congratulations! You have successfully planned, shot and edited your own professional

Skillman Video Group Wraps Internal Marketing Video

Skillman Video Group Wraps Internal Marketing Video

video marketing content using the skills that you have learned during your internship with the professional video production company Skillman Video Group. This is a huge accomplishment, but the project is not over yet. There is one more step to this mission, now as an intern, we must promote the video on the SVG website and social media. This means that we are posting links to the Youtube video, optimizing the video on Youtube, sharing links on social media, and writing about our experience for the SVG blog. If our interns have learned anything from their time with the SVG team, they know that good SEO is integral to all video marketing.

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