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In addition to corporate video production and client collaboration, Skillman Video Group offers an intensive, immersive internship program which teaches candidates about the latest SEO and marketing strategies, as well as the inner workings of professional video creation and distribution. One of the major components of SVG’s internship program is the opportunity to write, shoot, and edit a brand video. While participating on client shoots, interns are able to gather information about how to conduct a professional video shoot. While organizing shoots of their own, interns are then able to implement what they have learned. As a whole, SVG’s program is inherently geared towards giving interns a hands on experience that is difficult to find in a classroom. It is definitely useful for those who are enthusiastic about video production and creating content.

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For this particular video, the motive is to tell a meaningful story about the origins of Skillman Video Group, more specifically, our founder’s story. The concept is to express a sincere testimony about what it takes to begin a business, and the importance of adaptability in a changing market. While every business has its own history, telling it to a broader viewership is an excellent way to garner a sense of trust and likability. Since the market for video production is highly competitive, telling the company’s personal narrative is a compelling way to set itself apart from the rest.

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The video’s full transcript is as follows:

“I wanted my own business in video production since I was fifteen. My mother was actually the one to give me the idea to become a video producer when I was twelve, and so I went to Syracuse University and got my degree in production. I got a minor in business management, again, with the intention of having my own business in video. But it wasn’t until 2005 when I decided to really try, and stop thinking about doing it one day, and actually do it. I started very humbly. I went to Target and bought a desk for $100. I had to set it up next to my bed because I was in an apartment in Somerville, Massachusetts with three other roommates. I didn’t have an office. What was very serendipitous at the time of when I started Skillman Video Group in 2005 was that that was the same year that YouTube got started. That just dawned a whole new age in online video; What were some of my obstacles were having to face the financial crisis of 2008. It really hit marketing hard, and hit me personally, so things got real tough real fast. I just knew in my gut, in my spirit, that video was going to be big, that video mattered, and that people needed what I brought to the table.

You have to have adaptability. I think you have to see when the market is changing, when technology is changing, and you have to be open and willing to change with it. I was able to partner with the right people, and got my website redone from HTML to WordPress. At that same time, I met someone who did Search Engine Optimization. So, it was just a lot of those happy accidents that kept happening, and that’s when we started having interns, and that’s when we really started marketing for the first time. I had been in business for four years and I had never really started marketing myself before that; me doing that marketing has really changed the game, and by 2011 we had what was at that point our best year ever.

I think of all the cities in the world where I could’ve started my own business, I couldn’t be happier that it is in Boston…The strong entrepreneurial culture that is here, I think it really paved a way for me as a woman in business to start something from absolutely nothing… So, I practice what we preach, and it works! I’m living proof that it works.”

This is an example of how video is an incredibly impactful medium used to tell stories. It gives an audience the chance to relate to the content, while they are at the same time being exposed to the personal aspects of a business and the triumphs and difficulties that paved the way to its eventual success. SVG’s story is undoubtedly effective, in that it marries the professional goals of a business with passion and the drive to achieve them.