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Social media is constantly changing, technology is improving, and we are all just trying to keep up. Video Production in Boston is growing by the minute, and for some companies it is difficult to find the perfect video production service when there are so many to choose from. Yet, at Skillman Video Group our video production Boston qualities go far beyond our counter parts. Although we do know it is easy to say we have high quality equipment, videographers, and post-production editing programs, we can also prove ourselves to any company that may be unsold on our video production and video marketing services.

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Keeping up with all the new trends is something we strive for at SVG. We are constantly looking at the newest marketing tools and learning about Google’s newest SEO results. With that said, all of this transpires into our consultation services and marketing strategies for our clients. At SVG we are able to sit down with our clients and understand what they are looking to get out of their video regarding storyline, style of video, and message. However, even beyond that we are able to discuss ways to support the video and company after the final video is cut and sent. Developing a relationship with the client generates greater understanding of the company and demographics and that way there isn’t any second-guessing come production day.

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Though equipment and editing programs are constantly updated, we stay true to our message and style. SVG isn’t just part of the dozens of video production companies in Boston. We look at ourselves to continuously improve and provide the best video production services to our clients. Therefore, we have the best videographers in he business. With their keen eye and top of the line cameras and lighting, the visuals easily put a smile on clients face as they watch the shot back on the monitor. However, we pride ourselves on developing relationships with the clients through face-to-face interactions. Although cell phones are making it easier to communicate, without getting to know the personality and brand behind the phone there is an emotional aspect lost in the video.

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Creating an environment that is comfortable for our clients is what dives a video production Boston shoot. Interviews can be embarrassing and intimidating for some of our clients. Having the large production lights beaming down and camera right in your face could make anyone choke on their words. By developing a relationship before the video production shoot we are able to create a comfort level and talk before the cameras start rolling. By doing so, the questions for the interviewee will feel less intimidating and more like a conversation. Not only does this make the interview flow better, but the emotional aspect of the video comes to life.

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Whether the video production Boston shoot is large or small one thing remains, our attentiveness to detail. Anything can be a distraction from the main focus in an interview. For instance, a small bug on the backdrop or a glare off an interviewees eye glasses. Our 10 years of experience have prepared us to look for everything that can or will be a distraction. We are able to notice even a small piece of hair that may be out of place on the interviewees head. Our goal is to make the best video possible for the client. If the audience is distracted by anything that is odd or unpleasant to look at in any way then the message and storyline is lost. Video production companies in Boston are not only competing with each other, but for the clients business down the road. A first impression is everything, and if the client isn’t satisfied with the video production shoot, or the final product then the company will be less likely to hire you down the road. Not to mention, the company won’t be referring your video production services to their friends and family. Paying direct attention to detail makes all the difference in a large video production shoot or a small video production shoot; and besides our attentiveness to detail, staying focused also ensures timeliness and productiveness.

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Similar to rush hour in Boston, video production Boston shoots are set up in a timely manner. Every segment must be finished in a specific time or it will throw off the rest of the production day; and thus backing things up and creating the “rush hour” effect. The rush hour effect refers to having to rush through everything in order to get done each interview and segment by the end of the day. The end result is a messy video that feels rushed. Not to mention, the emotional feel from the interviewees comes of as frustrated and irritated. In order to avoid the “rush effect” the video production crew must stay focused on time. Getting to the production set early and setting up each shot and looking over areas that might cause a problem and fix them before the camera starts rolling. Besides the production team, it is also imperative that the clients come prepared.

At SVG we make sure to come prepared, focused, organized, and we create a production atmosphere that is comfortable for our clients. We continuously stay updated on everything that involves programs and equipment and we will treat your company like it is our own.