Sales Video

Sales videos come in all kinds of forms and can be shown in many different ways. Whether it is for trade shows, promotional events, product announcements, presentations, or just for a companies staff, sales videos provides endless opportunity for any company. Yet some may ask “Why video, isn’t a simple ad easier.” The answer is no. People want to be able to relate to a company or a product, and video provides a visual to the consumer.

Sales videos can be used for internal or external purposes, meaning for either the companies staff or to generate clients. Sales video options include:

  • Branded video – Describing and showing the brand (product or company)
  • Conceptual video – A companies ideas or concepts
  • Testimonials – Expression of appreciation or experience with the company
  • Videomercials – A scripted or unscripted video showing off a company or product
  • How-to videos – How the product works
  • Training videos -Providing information about how a company, product, or specific position works/functions

Professional Actors

Professional Actors A particular sales video depends on the business itself. Take for instance PerkinElmer, the company wanted to create a video to announce a new product to their staff that could later be shown to their customers. Though the company could have gone the traditional route of a product announcement talking about the product benefits, they chose to create a scripted sales video that would provide information about the new product while also adding humor. Creating a sales video such as this one can be used for both internal and external purposes, whether it be for presentations or a trade show. However, for any sales video that is scripted, professional actors should be hired. Some businesses may prefer to have their own staff act out the scenes for the video for it saves money, but not having professional actors takes away from the video. Actors understand how to play off of one another, how to face the camera and lighting, and how to bring a script to life. Though having employees act may save money, a genuine story (or real life story) is not being told and it may be hard for the employees to connect to the script or bring emotion to the story that isn’t theirs. Actors have that ability to bring humor and emotion out of a script. Yet, actors should only be brought in for scripted scenes and not for testimonial or conceptual videos where the employees and client experiences are the heart of the video.

Video Testimonial

When it comes to sales videos, a business must decide what their goal is and what is their message. For a company wanting to create trustworthy relationships with their customers a testimonial video would be the best route for a sales video. A testimonial video can include staffers experience working at a company, or clients of the company and how their experience has been, or both. The goal of a testimonial is to create a trustworthy relationship with the customer so they feel as if they know the company and would be comfortable working with them. Jensen-Group is a prime example of a company looking to show off their family-owned business through the use of a video testimonial. By doing interviews with the staff it showed off their personality while also showing the pride they take in their work.


StorytellingWhether it is a testimonial or videomercial, sales videos have one goal and that is to tell a story. Creating lasting impact on the client is the purpose of any type of sales video and to do so it must be done in a way that is creative and separates itself from competitors.

In today’s fast paced environment we are constantly trying to stay on trend to get consumers attention. Video provides the greatest benefits for a marketing campaign,but a sales video is nothing without a storyline. Whether it is a testimonial, launching a product, or a scripted video, the story must always be unique in a way that will separate itself from the competitors. Some may wonder why telling a story is so important when shooting a sales video for lets say, candles; well the answer is simple: According to cognitive neuroscientist Michael Gazzaniga, “Stories are cognitive tools we store away for future references.” In other words, we remember stories, and we don’t always remember facts. Stories have a long lasting effect on our brains, and we become emotionally attached. When it comes to facts our brain begins to reason, question and rationalize the benefits and disadvantages of the product or company. Storytelling isn’t just telling, it is about being creative and grabbing that audiences attention, just like any book or movie.

In order to ensure originality and creativity sales videos should be approached using:

One thing to keep in mind is a testimonial might generate more emotion than a videomercial, but a branded video might create more of an emotional impact than a testimonial. Displaying emotion, experience, and trustworthiness in a sales video all depends on the business and their message.

Tracking Sales Videos

Creating a unique story is just part of developing a sales video. Where the video is shown and how it is received amongst the consumers is an important detail to track. Sites such as YouTube, Google, and Vimeo allow a company to be able to track a videos success by showing the company:

Having such data allows the company to see what parts of the sales video had the biggest impact on the customers, as well as what is working and what isn’t.

Email is also another important video tracking device that allows the company to send the sales video to its customers or prospected clients. Similar to YoutTube, Google, and Vimeo, email provides the company with the ability to see who watched the video, for how long, and who continued to proceed onto the companies website. Email also offers the study of what causes more sharing and traffic outside the initial email.

Though there are a lot of different parts to a sales video, the benefits of having one are endless. Having such a video can be used at promotional events, trade shows, during presentations, etc. Providing a visual aid to customers is crucial in a world where everything must be heard, said, and done quickly. Videos provide reassurance to clients; it shows a company is trustworthy and relatable. Nonetheless a sales video is nothing without its elements, this meaning emotion, experience, sharing, and creativity. For any company looking to show its capabilities and separate itself from its competitors, sales videos are the way to go.

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