Don’t Play Catch up with SEO

How to do Search Engine Optimization

Similar to technology, Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving. Google is always looking for ways to separate the high quality websites from the low. With that said, at Skillman Video Group we understand the difficulty of staying up-to-date on the current SEO trends. Just as you begin to understand Google Panda, another upgrade comes out. The truth of the matter is that there aren’t a whole lot of MAJOR changes when it comes to Google’s SEO. Although Google is evaluating websites differently in some ways through every SEO upgrade, there are important items every Boston video production company website should keep in mind. In other words, having these items on your website will ensure that your SEO won’t be affected by upgrades. 

What is Search Engine Optimization?

As stated before, Google’s SEO is there to weed out the low quality websites from the high quality ones. Though you may think you have to change all of your blogs and landing pages to fit the new updates, if you already have a good base of keywords and unique content then your Boston video production company shouldn’t do an overhaul.

Every Boston video production company should know what drives traffic onto their site, or what attracts the most business. Using specific keywords in blogs can make all the difference. Now, this doesn’t mean use every keywords you can think of in a blog because Google recognizes when keywords aren’t being used in an organic fashion. If your blogs are stuffing keywords it does little for SEO. Know they keywords that drive the most traffic onto your website, which can be done through SEM Rush. Once you know your keywords that attract the most attention, pick one and create unique content around the topic that is useful for readers and potential clients.

How does Search Engine Optimization Work?

It doesn’t hurt to update blogs either. Looking back at some of SVG’s blogs from 2009, some things have changed regarding equipment, editing programs, and SEO. Google likes when websites update pages so feel free to revamp your old content. Do not just copy and paste old content into a whole new blog though. You can update links on these pages, or add some new keywords that are bringing traffic onto the website. Little changes like that can make a difference.

Now, you may be asking yourself “What is this talk about links?” Linking can be a tricky process, and it can either hurt your SEO or bring it to the top of the ranks. There are two kinds of linking in blogs. First, internal links which is used to link keywords to other blogs that discuss a similar topic. Then, there are backlinks. Backlinks are used to link to other websites that you may have used to get information on the topic you are writing about. The problem with backlinks is that you don’t want to use too many. By doing so Google will recognize your content as not being original if you are linking out to another website too much. Yet, as a Boston video production company, you want websites to be backlinking to your website. If you have original and creative content that stands out the more likely a website will refer to you in their blog. Nonetheless, getting backlinks is a lot easier said than done. There are many different actions a video production company in Boston can take to gain more backlinks, which is a blog all in itself.

How do you Use Search Engine Optimization?

Some Boston video production companies may assume that buying keywords helps organic searches. The answer is NO. Though Google AdWords can be beneficial when trying to gain more traffic onto your website, it will not boost SEO and at times can hurt it. For example, let’s say SVG bought the keywords “Boston video Production.” The next person who searches that word will see SVG pop up as well as other companies who may have bought the keywords as well. Underneath all those ads are the results for the top organic searches. Every Boston video production company wants to turn up first in organic searches because that is the next list the customers will look at after the ads, or it will be the first list. Some Boston video production companies think that once they bought the keywords they no longer have to write blogs, link, or use keywords at all. That is quite the contrary though. Google SEO recognizes this and you can say goodbye to all the work you put into your website because it will not longer be listed as a top result organically. Keep in mind that AdWords can also be incredibly constantly depending on the cost-per-click, and some Boston production companies investment on keywords may result in losses rather than gains. 

Google SEO Tools

Yes, there is a lot that comes with Google SEO. However, keeping with the basics and keeping track of your Boston video companies keywords, as well as your competitors using SEM Rush, you can stay ahead of the game. Changes can be difficult, but as long as your website is producing unique, creative, and high quality content you won’t be losing your mind the next time Google updates Search Engine Optimization. So sit back, relax and be unique!