Consulting and Corporate Training

Our Perspective:

At Skillman Video Group, each interaction with a client is about more than a job: it’s about forming a relationship. Our work revolves around creating partnerships with local and national businesses and organizations.

In that vein, we offer consulting and corporate training to determine the sort of production, marketing or training work that might be most useful to a potential client. Be it a small business, a large corporate client, or anywhere in between, our consulting and corporate training provides an open forum for determining how we can best serve you.

SVG is also available to provide in house corporate training for video production, as well as search engine optimization, social media and email marketing.  SVG’s production and marketing specialists can offer customized training sessions that are tailored to your organization’s requirements. The ideology behind our corporate training scheme reflects our work ethic and mission: we strive to create a dialogue that allows us to better understand our client’s specific needs. This isn’t a generalized or “one size fits all” video production or online marketing training program, but rather a focused and precise means of providing the know-how for companies and institutions to start creating in-house marketing content.

Our Approach:

Our consultation meetings and training sessions are oriented around your needs. Should you need a kick start to a new marketing initiative, or to further tweak an already established one, we are here to help.

Based on our research and our mutual dialogue we might determine the following:

  1. What video content might best serve your marketing needs (i.e. testimonial, a brand video, etc)
  2. The most effective format for delivering the content to your audience base (i.e. a comprehensive web campaign, blogging or social media marketing)
  3. How to attract both old and new audiences to your content – this might be through SEO, a brand redesign, or a social media push
  4. What other tools might be useful in furthering your marketing goals (i.e. an email marketing campaign, a website redesign)
  5. Setting up in-house training sessions to better equip your team to handle the strategy and technical demands of video production as well as online marketing