Videomercials | Online Marketing Videos

Our Perspective:

Brevity is the soul of wit, and nowhere is that more evident than in the world of video production. Quality content is all about saying as much in as little time as possible – with precision, clarity, and style. Online marketing videos, aka videomercials,  provide a basic package that leaves clients with a sharp final product aimed at expressing their brand, their mission, and their story in short videomercials. Use it as a way of introducing new clients to your company, or as a building block for a longer marketing campaign – either way, videomercials are an effective and precise piece of content designed with your needs in mind.

Our Approach:

The ‘Videomerical’ service is like a microcosm of the larger SVG approach. You get the same care and personal attention leveraged on our longer projects, but in a shorter duration.

  1. Consultation – meeting with the SVG staff and creative team to determine your goals either by phone or in person
  2. Planning – writing the script copy and storyboard around achieving those goals and telling the story
  3. The Shoot – top notch video production work by our expert team in one half day of shooting (up to 4 hours)
  4. Post Production – final touches and editing work
  5. Final Product – your videomercials are delivered, ready to be implemented.  Please visit our portfolio page to see samples of our work.