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The Rise of Video Marketing and the Effects

Recently, we just finished production with a wonderful client who wanted to create video content for their company. Collectively with the client (and their professional script writer), we collaboratively came up with the idea to break down this content into a series of different videos – making it easier to produce shorter, funnier movies that keep the audience attentive and wanting more. As a leading Boston video production company, we made sure that we had only the very best people on board, with the very best resources available.

The goal of the client was to have their videos function as an advertisement; letting the audience learn a little bit about who they are, what services they offer, and how it can be helpful to them. At SVG, we work with all different types of videos: interviews, corporate training videos, branding, advertising, etc. Because we knew these videos were focused on advertising, the client and SVG collaboratively created a formula that has been statistically proven to generate more success: create a series of shorter videos, catch their attention and amusement in the first five seconds, keep them entertained and laughing, and finish the video with information about the client (services, contact, etc.)

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Because of the size and popularity of our client’s company, we made sure to include all of the best video production professionals available in Boston. While our project sizes and budgets range from client to client, SVG made sure to push the envelope for this one.

To give you an idea of all the different professionals we brought to the table, here is a list of some of the people involved with our video production shoot:

  • Professional Art Director who designed and built all of the props/set
  • Director of Photography (DP)
  • Assistant to the Director of Photography (ADP)
  • SVG CEO Christina Skillman who functioned as both director and producer.
  • Costume Designer
  • Assistant to the Costume Designer
  • Hair and Makeup Designer
  • Gaffer
  • Studio Manager
  • Professional Special FX crew
  • Art Department crew

Interestingly enough, this list is short compared to the complete list of professionals onboard. Each one of these individuals played a crucial role in the overall success of this Boston video production shoot. We took the time to plan weeks in advance for our client, creating storyboards and scripts with professional artists, videographers, writers, and designers. Over six weeks in preproduction, to be exact. Strict shot lists were worked on daily, illustrators drew storyboard images that were pinned on various boards to ensure cohesiveness and overall creativity. A very tight production schedule was assembled, and with over 30 people involved, we made sure that everyone knew exactly what they were doing; it was a very ambitious schedule. Given the size of the set, and the amount of people involved, SVG also reached out to our friends over at Red Sky Studios in Allston, MA for studio space. The only thing left remaining was the actors.

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We all have our own respective strengths and weaknesses; thing we love and things we fear. For some of us, acting or speaking in front of a camera might be the scariest thing on earth. Thankfully, Boston has a plethora of professionally trained actors. The client wanted to create video content that would be best serviced with professional actors who know exactly what to do in front of the camera. While many people may consider New York or Los Angeles to be the best cities for working actors, we fortunately have a wonderful relationship with Boston Casting; a casting company that reaches out to thousands of actors in the Massachusetts area.

Christina Skillman got in touch with Boston Casting, and organized casting sessions for the various roles needed for these client videos. BC’s Casting Directors work with dozens of Boston video production companies, so they have a professional eye for casting the right people for the part(s). Over the course of two days, over 100 actors were called in to audition for 13 available parts in these client videos. After the auditions, the perfect actors were cast and ready to work! Casting professional actors can sometimes take the pressure off of people feeling an obligation to act in their own company videos, especially if they don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera.

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With the best professional video production company in New England assembled, along with excellent equipment, facilities, actors, designers, and crew members, we were ready to jump in and work! Because of all the time and effort spent in preproduction planning, the shooting days moved along smoothly and effectively. Special FX teams made sure all the appropriate resources were available for cool sparks and fires. Lighting teams made sure the entire set was illuminated and looking its professional best. Actors were prepared, memorized, and well rehearsed. SVG’s Christina Skillman was the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. We were extremely happy with how the shoot days flowed. As for the client? They were more than extremely happy, they were absolutely thrilled!

What is Post Production?

After all of the long days of preproduction and actual production come the even longer days of postproduction. Spending weeks on end sifting through, and editing, hours upon hours of footage is a strong suit for our CEO Christina Skillman. She has years of experience, and is well versed in the best professional video editing software; organizing the content in the exact way the client wanted it: short, informative, funny, and entertaining. Online market research shows that, in addition to creative content, the structure of the edited videos will ensure success. They were within a certain time frame, caught the audience’s attention in the first few seconds, provided all essential information to the viewer, directly linked to additional videos for further business, and reinforced the brand of the company.

We are very happy with the final products, but most importantly, the client is very happy with our work. As one of the leading Boston professional video companies, our goal is to make you proud of your video content!