Top Social Media Platforms and Trends of 2017

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Top 5 Social Media Platforms

Social Media has evolved tremendously over the years. It started off small, and has grown to dominate the world of communication. Almost everyone in the Millennium Generation has an account on every social media site. Social media is not just for personal use. In fact, businesses have begun implementing social media into their marketing strategies in hopes to stay engaged with current consumers, and connect with potential customers. It is a smart way for businesses to keep their consumers in the know of what is going on. Whether you own a restaurant, a video marketing company, or a clothing boutique, you want to have a presence on social media. The advances of technology with smart phone have allowed us to carry the world in our hand. Social media platforms are the best way to stay in contact with others and for business to connect with their target audience. There are many platforms for social media, and each are competing for a place in the top rank. Facebook and Youtube had been at the top of the competition for a long time, but newer platforms such as; Instagram and Snapchat are becoming increasingly popular. Social media trends change all the time, check out what has been big in 2017.

Social Media Platforms for Business
Facebook icon

facebook screenshotThe past 13 years, Facebook has been working to keep its spot as the leader of the social media world. With new platforms rising, you would think that Facebook would not be as popular anymore. However, each platform that has been introduced over the years is a smaller version of one aspect Facebook offers. On Facebook, you can share photos, videos, statuses, feelings, links, articles, blogs, and so much more. Facebook has been running the trends for so long, and continues to make enhancements to stay ahead. This year, the biggest trend that came from Facebook was Live Video. Being able to record and share a video live allowed for businesses to keep their consumers up to date. With the enhancements to the personal business pages and the ability to boost posts, you can reach so many more potential consumers. Keeping your Facebook up to date for your business is important. Having a presence on Facebook can lead many new people to have an interest in your company and check out your website.

Best Social Media Platforms for Marketing Youtube icon

Youtube screenshotThe number one platform for video distribution is Youtube. Everyone knows YouTube and has searched for a video on it, whether it was a tutorial, something funny, or informational. Even videos posted to Facebook and Twitter are usually posted to Youtube and then shared onto the other social media platforms. The domain in the post will lead you to the YouTube page. YouTube has made it easy for people to embed videos into their posts or websites. Take advantage of that by posting your videos to YouTube first and then your website or social media accounts. The more pages you have embedded with your video, the more likely it will be seen. This is a typical SEO tactic of backlinking, which will be very helpful for your company. You can search almost anything on YouTube and have a video result. Many businesses have their own YouTube channel that they put their own videos on. This is a good way to find consumers; through cooking tutorials, how to fix a part of your car, or vlogs about your recent advances. If people are searching for you, YouTube is a great place for them to find you. Make sure you spend time with tagging and descriptions for your Youtube videos. This will help optimize your video, and allow for more people to find it. Optimizing your video is a big part of getting noticed, try putting keywords in you title and creating video series. Skillman Video Group works with companies to help them create great videos, we have played a large role in some of the best Boston Youtube videos for different companies in the area, as well as other regions. 

Importance of Social Media Platforms for Businessinstagram logo

snapchat story with pollCreated for the use of sharing photos, Instagram took the social media world by storm. Quickly rising to one of the top platforms, it has reached 800 million active monthly users as of September 2017. The platform has transformed from its original purpose of just posting pictures, to opening up to more in-the-moment approach like Snapchats. With the addition of stories, it allows users to post short clips or pictures to keep their followers updated on their day to day lives, or work. It is smart of a company to use the stories feature to show off new products or advancements. Uploading a picture of your company’s new products to your story can be the fastest way to get the news to the consumers. Sales and specials are also a great thing for businesses to share on their story. A fun boomerang of the latest ice cream shop specials or a picture the sale at their favorite boutique, will surely keep your customers interested. Instagram has even advanced their stories to have clickable text, allowing you to put polls and links within your story. They also made an enhancement by adding slideshow posts, which allows you to share more than one photo at a time. Instagram is a big social media network and if businesses can use it right, it is a huge asset. Set up your account and get gramming. 

Instagram Marketing Tips

Twitter screenshotWith the rise in Instagram and Snapchat, Twitter has been used less and less. There is a still a big following for people to send there thought and activities, but any photo or videos are mostly sent through Instagram or Snapchat. Twitter has taken the biggest hit due to the other rising apps. Businesses can still use this as a good way to connect with their consumers. Sending out Tweets about what they are doing or the newest product information will get people interested. Although Twitter did not invent the hashtag, it deserves some credit for popularizing it throughout all social platforms. Twitter is another perfect way to keep in contact with those around you. Twitter is all about engaging and talking to one another through tweets. Get your business in the loop and get connected with your followers, so they know what you are up to. 

Snapchat Marketing Strategy


The biggest social media platform among teens is Snapchat. Sending photos to your friends that disappear after they view it is huge with the younger generations. Demographics is a big part of planning your marketing strategy. If you are a company that’s target market is within younger generations, you want to be where they will see you. With snapchat being so popular with the age range of 13-24, some companies might want to think about getting into snapchat. Many teens and young adults spend their free time scrolling through feeds and watching videos. Snapchat is one of the main platforms that are looking at, and with the addition of the Discover page, it is becoming more and more of a marketing tool for different companies. Snapchat has just started to work for businesses but it is more of communication between friends. Having a video or picture up that lasts for 24 hours before disappearing, allows you to keep your friends and family updated with what you are doing. Put on a funny filter and send some snaps to your friends, it’s a great way to keep connected. The discover section can help you keep up to date with local and global news and trends. One day it might become bigger in the world of businesses and we will get to do some Boston video marketing on Snapchat, but for now it is mostly personal use.

Linkedin icon

Social Media Networking Platforms

Social media marketing screenshot LinkedIn Businesses want to stay professional, and find potential clients as well as candidates for hire. LinkedIn is the social media platform that is considered the most professional. Networking is a big part of success in business as well as marketing. You can make a personal LinkedIn page that consists of your resume, while also having a business profile to help connect people around the world with you and your company. Your newsfeed will usually be filled with articles about advances in the business world and economy based on who you follow, compared to the other platforms that are filled with more personal things. LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who have worked for the same company, graduated from the same college, or even listed the same skills as you. Businesses can take advantage of the LinkedIn features to connect with people in a professional sense, B2B marketing is a large part of this social media platform. You can stay connected with different business, in hopes of partnering or working together. Skillman Video Group, as well as many of our employees, can be found on LinkedIn. Simple searches for a Boston Video Production Company can help potential clients find us easily. LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and marketing. 

Social Media Marketing Strategies

There are many other social media platforms that are in high use right now; Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr, and in today’s world there could be a new platform that takes over any day. If you don’t have any of these accounts for your business you want to start one now! As much as no one wants to admit it, the world revolves around social media and the Internet, you have to keep up with the times to have a successful marketing strategy. Social Media is an amazing way to stay in contact with not just your friends and family, but it’s a world of networking. They say the more people you know the more help you’ll have along the way, and that’s true. You never know who is going to help you fulfill your dreams, so network, network, network.

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