Branded Video

Conceptual Branded Video – Example 1 from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

A branded video markets a product or service in an entertaining way. In other words, it is not just an ad, it is a story driven video with a tone. The tone can be lighthearted and caring, or powerful and rugged; it all depends on the message that you want to send. A branded video finds a balance in the area of advertising, meaning that the message is never over-the-top. Instead, the message is more subtle and embedded in the story. This is the perfect platform for companies and businesses that want their product or service displayed online to make a potentially large impact.


Before understanding what a branded video, specifically, can do for a company, it is important to know why video itself is essential to marketing. At Skillman Video Group, we believe that video is the integral foundation to which all other marketing endeavors stand on. Video can support the written works, as well as the photographic content on a site. Videos and video production can be interesting, and as such can catch the eye. Potential audiences like to receive as much information in as little time as possible and videos allow for this to happen.


Why should a branded video be used? A branded video is conceptual. All the images and sounds of a conceptual piece work together seamlessly to establish a tone, and to create a feeling within the audience. In this type of video, there is no need for a narrator or spokesperson. There is no talking head telling the viewer what they should know or what they should want. Instead, in a branded video, the audience has the unique ability to be moved by the images.


A branded video often culminates with the image of the company logo at the end of the story. The company name is instantly linked to what the audience has just watched. For that reason, the concept for the video is vital. Skillman Video Group will work with each client to ensure that the video is exactly what they want. Specifically, Skillman Video Group specializes in “Concept to Content” where “grassroots brainstorming sessions provide for a robust, well-designed marketing package that accurately shares your story, your products, and your services to a defined target market.” Currently, there are many outlets for video content (e.g., your website, YouTube page and Vimeo) which means that there are many opportunities for potential consumers to watch your productions. That also means that a single video can cover a lot of ground. To ensure that you and your company are getting the most out of your video content, Skillman Video Group also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This experience will help your company get the attention it seeks.


Another reason that branded videos are so useful has to do with their duration. A branded video does not have a specific time frame. In fact, a branded video can last as long as necessary to get its point across. The key is to create something worth watching; something that people will want to share. The more people who connect with the video, the more it will be distributed, and at the end of the day that will translate into more brand visibility.


Branded videos have the possibility of going viral, even without television play. For that reason, their popularity is growing. It is a trend that major companies are utilizing. Skillman Video Group understands storytelling and how to piece together a video in a manner that not only conveys your brand, but also your philosophy. The video, from the beginning, must engage your audience, whoever it may be.

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