CMA Concert and Live Event Video Production

At Skillman Video Group, one of our many services includes Live Event Video Production using broadcast quality equipment to deliver the best product possible. Using a team of video production professionals, Skillman Video Group can produce live event videos regardless of size or shape in a wide range of settings and conditions.

Web Casting ChalkboardThe Country Music Association hired Skillman Video Group to produce a Live Event Video for their “Singer Song Writer Series” concert held in Boston, MA. The video was made for live online streaming, designed to capture the magic of the concert performance instantaneously. The job involved an enormous amount of planning – from meeting with the client to preparing for the shoot on the day of the event. Skillman Video Group used several trucks full of professional video production equipment to shoot the event including three HD Video Cameras for live Broadcast, a multi-cam switcher with monitors, digital recorders, and communication equipment to coordinate the  recording as it went out live. The team at SVG strategically placed the three cameras to best capture the onstage performance. The set-up included a camera at the foot of the stage featuring a medium shot of the performers, a camera that features a wide shot of the stage, and finally a camera to shoot the entire event including the crowd in an extreme wide shot. live-iconDuring the performance, SVG had to seamlessly cut in between different camera angles to deliver a compelling product for the Country Music Association and for the viewers at home.

Let Skillman Video Group help you with your next live event video to capture the best moments of any occasion. From concerts, to lecture series, to performances of any kind, Skillman Video Group offers the best in live event professional video production.

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