Economic Development Videos

The issue of economic development and how best to maintain it is a pertinent issue across a variety of platforms and organizations. Small businesses, large companies, and even municipalities within the country are looking for  ways of pushing future growth and establishing new methods of revenue. Doing so does not necessarily mean shirking old, more established means of doing business or reinventing the wheel. A powerful development agenda can be maintained and reinforced by having clear goals, an outline on how to achieve those goals, and perhaps most importantly, a way to reach out to those who can help make those goals possible.


Social marketing videos are the ideal medium for achieving this sort of public outreach and working towards an economic development plan. They have the capacity to outline future growth structures and educate those watching about a variety of topics. Take for example a recent shoot that Skillman Video Group took part in on behalf of the City of Gloucester in Massachusetts. Gloucester has a maritime economy, and hopes to move forward in encouraging scientific research and new business plans. Fishing is a mainstay of Gloucester’s economy, and the city is looking to maintain that structure while inviting new avenues of potential into their future. They chose to create a public relations video highlighting some of these issues.

Economic development videos empower you to tell your story in an engaging and informative manner. The basic premise of storytelling on film allows for specificity and a high potential impact on an intended audience. When paired with a larger social marketing campaign, the possibilities are endless. Whether creating a synergy across a variety of platforms, or making a single, effective video, Skillman Video Group can help you reach your economic development goals.