Fundraising Video for Al Huda Society

The Chelsea, MA based Al Huda Society is a non-profit group that celebrates and teaches the Islam faith to followers from home and abroad.  They were in the process of building a new community center and needed to raise money to complete the project.  To promote this project, they attempted to gather volunteers and make a video about fundraising.  Realizing that quality video, both in content and style, requires the help of a professional video production company; Al Huda hired Skillman Video Group.  Al Huda’s initial do-it-yourself attitude is a common one for non-profits like themselves with a tiny budget and tight deadlines, but SVG promised to deliver within these constraints.  SVG worked fast and efficiently on-location shooting interviews and b-roll of its members and services.  In the editing stage, that footage was combined with graphics of the plans of their future community center and all it will have to offer.  SVG managed to take the initial concept right through to the final end product within a week’s time and before the deadline.

Whether the budget is large or small, Skillman Video Group will produce quality videos that get the client’s message out clearly and effectively.  Al Huda’s fundraising video will be used as a vehicle for their ongoing fundraising campaign and will be featured across their website and social media platforms as well as distributed on DVD.  If you are a non-profit and want to make fundraising video with a company with experience and high production value, be sure to contact Skillman Video Group.
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