3 Ways to Improve your Website

Boston video company, website improvement, ways to improve a website, digital marketing

How to Improve your Website

Websites are the modern-day storefronts. When it comes to business and digital marketing,  your website is the typically the first way a customer or potential customer will get to know you and judge whether or not you are worth their time and money. It tells someone what you offer, how you offer it, and why that matters. As a Boston video company, we understand consistent and diligent website improvement is critical as it is the main way you can customize and brand your messaging for your target audience. In today’s world, keeping up with a website means many different things and it is easy to become overwhelmed with the possibilities one can add to or delete from their current website. That is why we have a created a getting started list, with three of the easier and most effective ways to ensure your website is up to date and in good shape.

1. Mobile Friendly WebsiteBoston video company, website improvement, ways to improve a website, digital marketing

Websites are naturally designed for a desktop. Now that a smartphone is more of an assumption rather than a luxury for general people to carry around, this specific screen type and size needs to be thought of if you have a website. It may surprise you to hear this but a lot of people don’t actually have access to a desktop, but they have access to a smartphone, right in the pocket of their jeans. This means that your potential customers or current customers may only be able to see your site from a smartphone.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

How do you make your website mobile friendly? Well, there’s a few ways. But doing so is a necessary course of action one needs to consider when beginning a website improvement plan. A lot of it has to do with resizing to make things easily viewable and readable via a smartphone screen. Website hosts such as Squarespace and Wix makes this conversion much simpler. If you aren’t using them and are on your own to figure the configuring, check out this feature from Sitepoint’s blog for ten easy ways to make your site mobile friendly. In today’s culture, your digital marketing reach is contingent on the ability of your company and brand to be seen from the screen of a smartphone and for this reason, you need to be mobile friendly.

2. Improve Website Design

Possibly the easiest and most effective way to decrease bounce rates and keep viewers on your page is to ease viewer navigation and to keep up with modern aesthetics. Confusing navigation on a web page is detrimental to retaining viewers attention and needs to be alleviated when strategizing for website improvement. Things like having a home/main site link on every page, minus landing pages, are sometimes overlooked when designing a web page. Along with this, is to create an intuitive and guided way through the website using your associated links. One way to get some feedback on the current intuitiveness of your page is to ask people, especially those who share commonalities with your target audience. Think of it as a peer edit for your personal digital marketing strategy. Get the feedback, what would make things easier, smoother? Objectivity is key here.

Website Improvement Ideas

With structure comes aesthetics. Yes, looks will take you only so far, but they do really help when it comes to websites. Gone are the days of flash, confetti, or bouncing links. Today, it’s more about a Boston video company, website improvement, ways to improve a website, digital marketingstreamlined, clean taste that fosters simplicity. Being able to identify dated colors, schemes, and layouts may be difficult for some and so outsourcing with a professional designer may be advised. Another option is to utilize a different host. We mentioned them before, Squarespace and Wix offer beautifully composed and designed layouts ready to be customized for your site. This is an easier option, though it does take a yearly subscription. If you are in the game of saving and doing a bit of DIY, check out this blog post from outbrain, as they explain nine key ways to keep things looking savvy and professional on your digital home page.

3. How to Improve Website Content

SEO or “Search engine optimization” is a critical aspect to ensuring people come across your site and know you are out there in regards to the services that you offer. In a way, SEO is like an index, but instead of the consumer being in control of how things are organized, you the owner and the search engine, typically Google, are in charge. How does one improve their SEO ranking? For one, they Boston video company, website improvement, ways to improve a website, digital marketingproduce better content. This means that your content, whether it be for a blog or campaign, needs to be interesting and has something worthwhile to offer to its readers. Secondly, they strategize keywords, html, etc. more advantageously. As a Boston Video company, we understand that SEO takes work, time, and knowledge. If you need to step up your SEO game and are needing some advice, read up on a previous blog post of ours that lets readers in on three easy SEO secrets sure to improve your traffic.

How to Improve Website Performance

As we mentioned previously, websites are a critical piece of your brand and image. Because of this, websites require close attention and constant updates. With these three strategies, maximizing mobile friendly capabilities, keeping up with modern aesthetics and an intuitive structure, and advantageously using SEO and better content to drive traffic to your website while decreasing bounce rates, you are surely on your way to a more visible, cleaner, and clearer website that invites viewers into your brand and company. As a Boston Video company competing in today’s digitally dominated market, we understand that we are also always needing to update and improve our website in order to remain relevant, just like everyone else. To stay in the game these days, a well-maintained website is truly crucial.

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