5 Reasons Why Adding Typography Can Make a Difference in Your Videos!

What is Typography?

Typography is a powerful tool that can add value to any kind of media. It brings a certain style to a company. Even when going through a company’s website, the font and style is very important. It enhances the user’s experience by having a certain tone. For example, many popular brands and logos are often very simple. Like Apple with their sleek designs. It brings a professional clean look to the company that has only improved since the 90s.

5 reasons why you should add typography to your videos:

1. Highlights Important Information

When a client or company wants to create video content, it is often important to highlight facts and important details during a video. Typography helps with this by allowing the user to concentrate on what needs to be focused on.  As a Boston video production company, It is recommended that footage used with graphics can help tell a story. For example like the of video “Hammer Home”  which shows important points or facts.  Graphics are intended to support what the narrator is saying and will help the audience to remember what is being said.

2. Allows Information to be Received without Sound

A recent study conducted in 2016 showed that 85% of people that watch videos on facebook watch it without sound. That’s just Facebook, with almost 2 billion registered users, it can gain a lot of attention. When a video is watched with no sound, as long as the viewer is interested with the content in the video, that means the editor did a good job. From the coloring to font, to the size, and even the style of the text. It can still have the viewer attention when not they are not listening to it.

3. Increases video quality

When thinking about creating a video, it’s easy to attract viewers by having great visuals. But when stylized text is already in a great video, that just improves the video quality. Typography can be approached in many different ways from adding graphics to the text, to even adding animations. It can make any video from any video production company stand out. The fewer words on the screen, the more intriguing it is for the viewer to read along. The longer the words, the less interested they will be. No one wants to read a paragraph during a short video. By keeping it short, it entices the viewer to want to know what’s to come next. The text also shouldn’t be competing with the video itself. The text and video should be an equal viewing experience.

4. How to spice it up 

When watching a video online there are various things that an editor can do to make it stand out. From big text, to layering text, to masking it, to even interacting and breaking it up. There are all kinds of ways to add a creative twist on generic text. It helps grab attention quickly and it gives the video style.

  • Big text – is ensuring that the text is huge and covering the screen (most times) and grabbing the viewers attention.
  •  Layering – Having the text in the background, giving some information.
  • Masking – Having the text cover the screen while the video is playing through the text.
  • Interacting – When a video is interacting with the text itself.
  • Breaking – Having the text break up in certain sections throughout the video.

With these styles in a video, it can make a video more enjoyable to watch, while also looking very professional.

5. Brand recognition

When thinking about big companies like McDonalds and Microsoft, what is recognizable about those brands? It texts are the designed text styles. They are simple, yet professional. McDonalds is recognized by the letter “M”, although the letter “M” is recognizable it is also the color the brand represents with its reds and yellows. That shows a friendly environment. The Microsoft, logo is a represented by four different colored squares with grey lettering, which is more of a corporate style. Although these are two different companies, they both keep it simple. By having a simplistic style, that is usually more recognizable and also presents identification. What typography does is it can represent the sense of feeling to viewers. For example, if a text is curvey and jumpy it has an almost cartoon and happy look to it. People are automatically going to the view that as playful and energetic. If the text is more balanced in size and font is consistent, that would often convey a feeling of seriousness and corporate. Next time there is a video that needs extra flare, think about typography and the difference it can make.

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