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A Guide to Conceptual Video

Why Conceptual Video Might Be Right for You

When working on your video marketing campaign, you have to wonder: “What style of content is appropriate for my idea?”  That’s the first thing to get out of the way.  While there are many types of video to choose from (corporate, interview, PR, event, etc.), only one will be right for you.  Find the purpose of your content and the intent behind it.  Who is your target audience?  What style will help you achieve your goals?  If you are looking to tell a story and create an emotional connection with your consumers and intended audience, conceptual video may be the right path to follow.


It Comes Down to the Consumer

The idea of creating a video that goes viral on YouTube and other social media channels is a tempting one.  While that would obviously be a great step for your company or brand, it’s important not to get caught up in the idea.  Don’t let your video project become a vanity project.  You have no control over whether or not a video goes viral.  In the end, it all comes down to what matters to the consumer.  You must create an emotional connection that will allow people to relate in some way.  Video format, in and of itself, allows for an immediate emotional connection through the use of sound, visuals, and language.  A conceptual video only creates a further attachment.


Finding Your Idea and Concept

Here are some questions to ask yourself when trying to locate the right idea/concept for your mission:

  • What do your consumers care about?
  • What could attract a new audience?
  • Is my concept a universal idea that will connect with various groups of people?
  • What has worked for other companies and brands?


From Concept to Content and Beyond

Once you find the concept that’s right for your goals and your intended audience, the next step is to bring that idea to life.  Think like a casting director and choose an appropriate face/voice to get your message across.  The story of the video should be both simple and universally effective.  While plenty of time and effort goes into creating your conceptual marketing video, there’s more work to be done after you wrap production.  Get your video out there and take the next steps to publish through social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter in the hopes of gaining a wider audience.


A Collaborative Process

More than the other forms of video previously mentioned, a conceptual video is a creative work that should follow a logical process and be treated as a collaboration.  Remember, a conceptual video is not about information, but, rather, storytelling.  It all starts with an idea, blossoming into a script, storyboards, and on from there.  If you have little experience in this field, it would be best to bring in a creative director to help things move along more smoothly.


Be Prepared

A conceptual video, while rewarding in a number of ways, is a lot of work, and you must be mindful of such.  It is very involved, with pre-production, production, and post-production.  Throughout, be thoughtful about budget, time, resources, etc.  If you are prepared and aware of the dedication required beforehand, it will make things easier in the end.


Hiring a Colorist for Post-Production

These days, you may need more than a great idea to stand out.  It might be worth it to hire a colorist to take your video to the next level visually.  Through color correction and grading, a colorist is able to make your footage match perfectly from shot to shot (creating a more consistent vision) and the images themselves pop.  It could be what your video needs to stand out from the pack.

Our Conceptual Video

In the video we produced for iRobot that you see embedded above, we helped to create a ten year anniversary video that was to be marketed in nine languages.  The video needed to create an emotional connection in a universal way that many could relate to.  Out of three concepts, we went with ’10 Years in a Woman’s Life.’  While the concept itself is very relatable, the visuals also add to the overall power of the video.  The overhead perspective allows for a visual symmetry that could not be experienced in day-to-day life.  Skillman Video Group has the flexibility to help you determine what kind of content is right for you.