After Effects for Corporate Video

What Is After Effects?

After Effects is an animation program created by Adobe, the company that makes the industry-standard software Photoshop, which can be used in countless ways. Some video production professionals use After Effects to animate on-screen text and logos, like you’d see on the nightly news, and others design entire animation sequences using the program.

By contracting a corporate video production company to animate elements of a video, or create an entire video in After Effects, businesses markedly increase the perceived quality of a video. To make a blunt statement, After Effects makes videos looks pretty. To make a less blunt statement, After Effects can transform a straightforward video into a visually captivating narrative that audiences will remember. In this article, we’re going to look through some ways After Effects can be used to create beautiful moving images.


After Effects has a long, proud history of changing the way that consumers think about brands. Through the simple addition of movement, businesses have imbued their logos and other branding items with a certain character. For example, check out Verizon’s animated logo. The branding can be found at the end of the embedded advertisement.

Adding animation to a logo is such a small touch, but it adds an element of character to the logo. Instead of the static image, the animated logo gives the brand name a sleekness that assures us of Verizon’s modern approach to their business.

Text Based Animation

We tend to take font choice for granted. Decide on Times New Roman or Helvetica, and then you’re off and typing. But, there are designers who have dedicated their entire careers to refining typefaces that compliment product design. Now, with After Effects, video production professionals are able to compliment a font designer’s diligence by animating fonts in a huge variety of ways. Adding animation to on-screen text is like adding animation to a static logo. Animation creates a more developed sense of character to a designer’s font, and easily captivates an audience. Just check out SNL’s intro from 2015 for a great example of this.

SNL 40 – Opening Titles 2014 from Pentagram on Vimeo.

If there’s one thing that I remember from SNL’s 40th season, it’s the great intro that sets the tone for what’s about to unfold. Maybe that says more about me than how After Effects can be used to amplify representational choices, but that’s besides the point.

Let’s look at another use of After Effects in corporate video production, by checking out a technique that every photographer should be well acquainted with.

Compositing for Corporate Video

Since the late 19th century, Photographers have practiced a technique known as “compositing.” Compositing is the layering of two or images on top of each other to create a new image. This technique has become a standard procedure for Documentary and TV Show intros. For example, HBO’s The Jinx and True Detective, as well as Marvel’s Netflix series Jessica Jones.

THE JINX from Brent Bonacorso on Vimeo.


HBO’s True Detective – Main Title Sequence from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Pretty videos, right? This technique, which is a post production standard that’s frequently done in After Effects, immediately captures an audience’s attention. After Effects can be used to create absolutely beautiful animated graphics, and imagine the possibilities for corporate video. A video post production professional has dozens of options available to them when working with After Effects, and compositing sequences is just one.

Animating 2D Pictures

Some video production professionals refer to the following technique as 2.5 D, while others use more technical terms like “paralaxing.” Regardless of what you might call it, this technique achieves impressive results. Before I describe what products of this technique looks like, just look at this example from The World Wildlife Fund first.

WWF PARALLAX SEQUENCE from Make Productions on Vimeo.

For a lot of viewers, this video from 2013 was their first introduction to the concept of 2.5D. The idea from a design standpoint is pretty straightforward. The post production professional needs to separate elements of an image in Photoshop, then animate the elements individually in After Effects. This technique is great because video production professionals can create a new, visually stunning image without necessarily needing to acquire new assets. If the money has already been spent on capturing an image, then the video production professional has everything that he or she needs.

After Effects and Corporate Video, How Can SVG Help?

At Skillman Video Group, we’re well acquainted with After Effects. You could even say that we’re buds, because our post production team loves working in After Effects. Here’s an example of how just a little After Effects love can amplify an existing logo.

Boston Video Production Company – Content Changing Marketplace from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

That video immediately grabs a viewer’s attention through moving text and animation. If you want your content to immediately jump out to viewers, then After Effects might be your best bet.

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