Beating the Algorithms on Facebook

What is The Algorithm Used by Facebook? Facebook algorithm, organic reach, Boston Video production

When it comes to Boston video production, a primary means of sharing our work and marketing ourselves to new customers is through the social platform: Facebook. As the maturation of Facebook continues to grow it into a more complex content sharing website, it is critical to continually alter the strategy behind creating content to ensure it is more likely to be seen. Organic reach on Facebook has declined increasingly since 2012. Hubspot, with stats from Socialflow, captures this dramatic decline when saying that after studying 3,000 posts on Facebook, organic reach for these posts decreased by 42% between January and March alone. For just three months, the shift is stark and needs to be attended to.

Facebook Algorithm Explained

In the beginning, there was a simple algorithm for Faceboook. The ranking for content that Facebook News Feed used was based on easy placeable and easy to understand traits. The algorithm could be explained in ways like, a post with just words was worth one point, a post with an attached link garnered two points, and so on. Today, that algorithm has acquired a more complex and personalized way of ranking content. In a way, the algorithm “gets to know” the user, like a person getting to know a friend who comes to understand the stories and conversations that will interest them. As the relationship continues, so does the personalization of conversations and shared stories. It’s complex and always changing. It’s an artificial system based on the organic process of getting to know someone personally.

How Do I Get More Engagement on Facebook?

So what does a business, company, or brand marketing themselves on Facebook do? The good news is that there are advantageous ways to ensure that the content being shared is ranked higher within the algorithm. Like building a friendship, it takes time, effort, and personalization. As a video marketing company with heavy presence on Facebook, Skillman Video Group has gathered strategic insight into the ways that content should be created and designed based on the algorithm to rank it higher. These are three of the most useful tips we have found to be most beneficial.

The Top 3 Tips To Get More Engagement on Facebook

1. Less is more, and by less we mean better content too

Yes, less is more. What else is more? Actually thinking and strategizing about what you’re saying and to whom you’re saying it to. Let’s continue with the friendship building analogy. You have just met someone at a party, and they won’t stop talking. It doesn’t matter if the topic is about hair products or why avocado toast is the best thing ever, they simply won’t stop chatting. It hasn’t been a minute, and you are already seeking an excuse to leave the conversation. “Excuse me, I need to find the restroom is your next response”. The conversation ends, because basically someone was bullying you with useless information, and hoping something catches your attention rather than inquiring what catches your attention.

Social Media Post Ideas for Your Business

Facebook is a treadmill of information. It’s loud, noisy, and like your local Trader Joe’s on Sunday afternoon, way too overcrowded. This is why it is crucial to strategize and diligently create the content you share while thinking about the timing for that content. No, eight posts a day is not a surer way for people to see your name. Keep in mind, strategically written and strategically placed posts are most important. It’s no longer casting a net for anyone, it’s casting a line with a particular bait for a particular person, at a particular time.

How does one do this? Think about your product or brand and think about your target audience. Now, what does your brand and your target audience have in common? Say you’re a video marketing company, like us. We want the people looking for video marketing services, so how are we going to capture the attention of those people? We’re going to create engaging content that shows off our talents and expertise by using specific words, and advertises our specific New England video services. It’s rather self-explanatory. But sometimes the bombardment of information on Facebook can seem like an invitation to post about how crazy the weather is and how your commute to work was rough on your brands page. What we say to this is- don’t do that. Keep it on topic and make sure it has value to your audience.

When is the Best Time to Post on Facebook?

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Equally important is the timing of the posts. Like we said, posting too much is annoying and a major turn off. Keep the frequency of your posts to a point where people want to tune in to what you’re saying, not shut you out. We suggest at most, once a day and at least 4 times a week. Also, keep in mind when your particular target audience would be browsing social media. Are they 9-5’s on their commute home? Are they student athletes tending to be more free on the weekends? Are they teachers free after 4pm and off all of summer? Etc. If you want to learn more about optimal times to post on social media, read one of our latest posts here.

Facebook Video Marketing Ideas

2. Use video

One of the qualities of a post that continues to make it more likely to be seen, since the algorithm evolution, is video. We may be in the business of Boston video production, but we aren’t biased when we say that video is a much more engaging piece of content. Ok, maybe we’re a little biased. Regardless, video needs to be a constant in your personally produced content library. Why? Because it more commonly stops people from scrolling and engages them more effectively than simple words or images. We know this not only as a company who specializes in New England video services, but also as a common business. It’s simply more engaging.

With this said, it should be noted that Facebook native videos are most likely to be engaged with. Quintly notes that Facebook native videos received 806% more comments than Youtube videos when shared on Facebook. Why is this? It’s not entirely clear. It could be that Facebook prefers its own scent, which is highly likely. When uploading video content onto your page, to get the most reach one should upload the video straight to Facebook, rather than using Youtube or Vimeo to share it on Facebook.

Is Paid Advertising on Facebook Worth it?

3. Paid advertising/Boosting

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The next and perhaps surest way of ensuring your content is seen is paying for it. What can we say, you pay for what you get. Facebook now allows pages to “Boost” their posts. Simply put, it’s paid advertising. Should companies use this strategy? Yes. Should they use it on every post? Not necessarily. For example, a post has been performing extremely well and is garnering a lot of engagement from users; boost it and continue its reach. Or say you’re dropping a new line of products, boost it to help gather attention and get the word out while building excitement. Again, it’s the strategy that really counts here. Be smart with your boosts. Think of it like choosing to drink an espresso in the morning rather than before bed. One makes sense and the other doesn’t.



Facebook Ad Targeting Tips

Facebook will continue to evolve and so will the strategies to create effective posts that keep up with the algorithm it possesses. Whether your page is a Boston video production selling New England video services, or an organic food product line, your Facebook posting needs to be tediously thought out and carefully crafted. As a video marketing company, we understand that social media marketing is crucial to advertising in today’s world. We also understand that compelling content is meticulously crafted and strategized.

When it comes down to it, Facebook is a social platform. And so, success on it means knowledge of basic social skills. Choose your words carefully. Be interesting. Think about your audience. Make sure they can hear you. And if they can’t hear you, you might be annoying them. It’s not that hard, right?

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