Best Social Media Practices

Social Media Strategy

For any business trying to compete in today’s market, social media is critical. Being a competing video production company amongst the many other and talented New England video production companies, Social media strategy, video production serviceswe understand the necessity that social media plays in our relevance, SEO, and image.

Social media has evolved into a primary means of engagement between a brand and their customers and is an essential piece of a modern company’s customer service. This is especially true for any sort of media based company, whether it’s video production services or copywriting, these types of companies need to have a consistent presence on social media.

In order for a company to utilize social media to its fullest potential within its own brand, one needs to be educated and informed on the best practices to be upholding. One can go about social media in a thousand different ways, but only a few have proven successful and advantageous results. From us to you, here are a handful of our most effective social media tips to ensure your online voice and interactions are as positive as you can make them.


Engagement is key. Have you ever walked into a restaurant without being acknowledged for a number of minutes? A restaurant depends on social interactions and interpersonal communications, all businessesvideo production, social media strategy, social engagement do. This illustrates the necessity of constant customer interaction and engagement, in a way it is hospitality. The same rules apply to a New England video production company, as we know through the experience with our clients. It is all heavily reliant on the interpersonal interactions. 

How do you go about leaving positive impressions on your customers through social media? It happens in many ways. Most importantly, you acknowledge complaints and bad reviews, then immediately seek out a way to resolve an inconvenience that your company may be responsible for.

Yes, social media has a habit of being grounds for unwarranted rants. In these cases, be diligent to “hide” such negative messages on your page or content. In warranted situations though, be sure to quickly swoop in with your hospitality skills and seek out a resolution for the customer. Keep these comments and posts! When other people see your effective and positive customer service skills, you will be rewarded because your company will establish a customer-first reputation based on such interactions.

Besides fixing mistakes or hiding rants, liking, commenting, and sharing content on your page is critical. Like the restaurant example, make your customers feel heard. This style of social media is simple interpersonal communication. A customer loves their socks and wanted to tell you via comment, like the comment and be sure to send a “Thank you” comment back, with a special emoji 🙂 Video production services, social media strategy, emoji  



When it comes to social media or any conversation for that matter, people want to hear things that are interesting. Social media is commonly a place for senseless or unneeded information. Many times companies fall into this tempting strategy by posting something about the weather or the latest sports upset. It is easier to post something without really thinking about the strategy behind it. This isn’t entirely wrong, but it must be done correctly. Quality content means staying on brand, keeping things interesting, and making sure that whatever is posted leads people back to your product or service.

One brand that can be used as an example in this way is Chubbies. Chubbies is a brand that primarily sells mens shorts that rise above the knee. The shorts went viral about four summers ago. Their social media strategy is one that involves a lot of humor, wit, and pictures of users wearing the shorts and other Chubbies products. Video production services, social media strategy, chubbies insagramAs you can see in this example, they are commentating on something that most of the audience will share in common with them, in this case it is Christmas, while ensuring that their product is at the forefront of the post. It’s a ridiculous picture. But what makes it ridiculous? A man running not only with a Santa beard and hat but a pair of above the knee Santa shorts. It catches attention, it’s funny, and it’s completely on brand.

Another sure way to keep your content effective is to use video. Video production services can change the effectiveness of your content in powerful ways. Video is the quickest and easiest way to say something on the internet these days, it’s also the most likely to attract viewers.

Video needs to be a constant in your personally produced content library. Why? Because it more commonly stops people from scrolling and engages them more effectively than simple words or an image can. We know this not only as a company who specializes in New England video production, but also as a common business. It’s simply more engaging.

With all of this said, whether you want to try adding humor or create a video for social media, it’s good to take risks and branch out. When doing this though, keep in mind to never compromise quality in order to try something new. Stay on brand and keep things interesting.


You know how some friendships fade out as seasons change? Maybe you were best friends with your roommate freshman year, but now that you don’t live together, you stopped talking to each other even though you are both still on the same campus. There wasn’t any dramatic fight, you just lost touch.

This is comparable to a brand that has inconsistent social media. It is critical for any social media account to retain followers and garner new one’s that it has a consistent flow of new and fresh content. Otherwise, you and your followers will simply “lose touch.”

In order to maintain these relationships, there needs to be a consistent flow of content and communication. This means that a brand is not only posting new content to viewers, they are also consistently engaging with their followers by liking, commenting, mentioning, and sharing content. By Video production, social media strategy, social engagementdoing this, a brand is keeping this relationship fresh. No relationship can stand the test of time without interactions.

Social Media for Brands

Social media has become a staple piece of the success, marketability, and reputation of a company. Social media is a hub for all people to access conversations and topics involving their interests. Companies and brands need to know that if they lack social media and the best strategies to maintain effective social media, they are missing a great opportunity to market themselves.

As a Boston video production company specializing in video production services, we are constantly rethinking the different ways we can be create a more effective social media presence. For any company competing in today’s market, they should be too.