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Intern Video: A Haunting

Video Production Boston

This fall, Skillman Video Group interns Anna and Deane worked together to write, shoot and edit their own scary movie trailer parody about what can go wrong if you forget to use your keywords. Making this short video took Anna and Deane months of planning, brainstorming and preparation, but luckily they had the help of the SVG team and other Boston videographers in the area. Watch the full video below and read about Anna and Deane’s professional video production process.

Characters and Story

This video only has three characters that appear on screen. The main characters are the two interns who are just arriving at their new house and internship in Boston. They are not specifically SVG interns, but they do work for a Boston professional video production company. One intern is a writer and the other is a Boston videographer. After posting a viral video on Youtube without using any keywords or SEO, the interns start to notice some very strange things and perhaps paranormal occurrences happening to them. The third character to appear on screen in the video is Christina Skillman herself, who is playing the boss at the professional video production company where the interns work.

This video is a parody of movie trailers for scary movies. Deane and I chose to use this concept for our intern video project because we thought that the format of a cinematic movie trailer would be an easy way to tell a story quickly and we felt that it would be more engaging for viewers because it would be comprised of short clips and snippits rather than long shoots of dialogue. A trailer allows for a lot of action in movement in a short amount of time and the goal of a movie trailer to to hook the audience and make them want to see the entire film. We decided to do a scary movie trailer because Deane and I both have a deep interest and love for all things spooky.

Boston Film Production Companies

Although Deane and I have been working on this project for a few months, the actual filming of the video only took a few days. We spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas, writing and finalizing the script and preparing for the shoot days. We had to decide how we wanted to block each shot, where we would be filming and for how long. It is important for a Boston videographer to plan all of these details before the shoot date because it saves time and leads to a more productive day on set.

For this particular video, we had two separate shooting occasions planned. We had one day of shooting where we filmed all of the scenes inside the office. For this we used the SVG world headquarters located at Faneuil Hall. This was also the day where we shot with Christina. It was easier to shoot the scenes where both Deane and I were on screen on this day because we had Christina present to assist us with her professional video production skills and expertise.

The next day of shooting took place in Mission Hill, this is where we filmed all of the scenes inside the house, in the park and inside the car. This shoot was more active because we incorporated several different locations both indoors and outside. In order to capture the best quality audio for our video we involved a second iPhone and used it as an additional microphone. During the editing process we used a professional video production software that seamlessly matched the separate audio files with the video.

How to Overcome Video Production Challenges

Although Deane and I enjoyed producing our video and worked very well together, we did encounter a few challenges along the way. It was difficult to film some of the scenes where Deane and I were both on screen when we did not have a third person around to help. In these situations we used Deane’s guerrilla tripod to position the iPhone camera strategically so that we could get the shot. This was challenging because it was very time consuming to set up the shot and make sure that both of us remained correctly positioned. This is not a problem that most Boston videographers face because they typically don’t work alone.

What We Learned

Deane and I have learned not just from this video, but from this entire internship that we can’t forget to use keywords!! It is important to remember to use SEO and to optimize your video content on Youtube by adding a title, descriptions and keywords. Using these techniques are the only way to ensure that your video and other media content is discoverable and easily found by viewers. After our time at SVG Deane and I are forever grateful for all that we have learned and we both agree that it was a privilege to work so closely with the video maven herself, Christina Skillman, and we will never forget to use our keywords… or else!!