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It’s the first day at your new job. Your supervisor comes over and instructs you to watch a series of videos to help you acclimate to the new environment/rules of the office. The video is captivating, informative, and funny. This corporate training video was produced perfectly to not only educate the new employees on certain factors of work, but also make it entertaining so the information will be memorable. This is not an easy task to accomplish and many companies don’t know where to start when making training videos for their incoming personnel.

Skillman Video Group has video production services to help tailor any corporate video ideas in a specific direction to better the overall training of new employees. We work with businesses to ensure they have the best Boston corporate training video that will motivate people to care about the work. There are some general strategies to follow for effective corporate training video production, all which will improve the quality of the industries preparation for on boarding members.

Why make a corporate training video?

Corporate training videos are very effective when trying to convey a message to the new staff at an organization. Some video production companies take different approaches that might not benefit all new employees such as PowerPoint’s, documents, and even group meetings with a lecturer. These methods could inform a new employee, but a better and more effective alternative would be to make a training video. Corporate training videos are a great method to train people quickly and thoroughly. Watching the content helps maintain the information being said a lot better than someone just reading off of a computer screen.

Here are some important tips when making a training video:

  1. Make sure to focus the training video on instructional purpose, not just for quick entertainment.
  2. Change what is on the screen every 5-7 seconds from titles, difference voiceovers, and numerous camera perspectives.
  3. Show the new employees as much as you can through the video method.
  4. Make sure the script is clear, friendly, and conversational by using short words and sentences.
  5. Separate the video into various sections or chapters to make it a series. This can entice the viewers to see what comes next and look forward to more material to learn.

Types of Training Videos

There are different methods for making effective and interesting videos. We all have had those jobs where you are put in a room to watch the CEO of the company, who does not have any stage presence, speak about the do’s and don’ts of working with their industry by pointing at a white board with words on it. This is not an ideal video to produce because a new staff or employee’s attention will not be kept and instead become unenthusiastic about the work.

One way to captivate an audience and teach the essential tasks at hand is how Interstate Asphalt did it with their corporate training video production.

This video does a great job by conveying the key points to staying safe on a work site by giving visuals to the viewer. The screen does not stay stagnant for very long so the person in training can stay engaged, motivated, and alert. Since this video is just over a minute long the new employee can have a quick and useful video to learn how to work with Interstate Asphalt.

Another way to use video production services for corporate video ideas to train new employees would be to make a comedic video. This can be anything from a movie style video to animation to even hiring actors for a professional product. This is an example from Tesco, which is a home shopping store.

Boston Video Production – Training Video Non Actor from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

This video focuses on the produce section of the store and how the employees help with daily issues to improve the customer experience. This comic book style training video produced by Media Zoo is an excellent example of a video that can catch the attention of the viewer. Though it does not specifically say do x, y, and z to be a good employee, this video shows how customers come first. The Tesco staff has a fun environment to work in but the main focus remains on customer satisfaction, which is very easily observed from this upbeat video.

Corporate Training Video Production

Making a corporate training video is not as easy as it seems. Companies who are planning on going this route to inform their on boarding staff members should keep a few things in mind. First, make sure that the video stays to the point and gets all the information conveyed. Second, figure out the audience you are working with. Are they young employees who seek inspiration or is it an office job that has many points to be made? This will dictate how the video can be structured and filmed. Lastly, get creative! Information can be delivered in various forms but there is usually a perfect balance for different companies and varying messages.

At Skillman Video Group, we make Boston corporate training videos such as this one produced in a series for Visual Footcare Inc.

Boston Video Production – Training Video Non Actor from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

This educational method is effective and professional and can be done in many different formats. We take pride in making sure that any video production service we provide will be tailored to the clients needs. With this example of a corporate training video production, we at Skillman Video Group make sure your company’s message is being clearly and effectively communicated. As a Boston video production company we take pride in our work along with making sure our clients get exactly the product they desire. How can SVG help you on your next Boston corporate training video?

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