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Cinderella had her fairy godmother, Snow White had the seven Dwarfs, and Hercules had the Gods; but who does Boston Businesses lean on for help? No, they don’t have a fairy godmother, and Tom Brady is too busy supporting his own team; the answer is Boston professional video production. We don’t need magic or a fairytale to promote our customers, at Skillman Video Group our clients come to us because of our professional approach, organization, and ability to create trustworthy and lasting relationships.

Though every video is original, SVG’s approach regarding planning stays the same.Boston Professional Video Production

Skillman Video Group Approach:

  • One-on-one consultation – a meeting to determine the foundation for the shoot
  • Planning Phase – the producers plot out the details of the production
  • Day of – the crew and director take care of all the details, arranging for lighting and audio throughout the shoot.
  • Post-Production – expert editing to give the final layer of shine to your content

How to Prepare for a Video Shoot


Everyone loves a surprise, well at least most people do, but when it comes to video production services Boston a surprise isn’t welcomed with open arms, especially by the client. This idea of no surprises goes back to preparation. Before filming begins, the client and our creative director, Christina Skillman, review the:

  • Message
  • Story
  • Style of video
  • B-roll options
  • Setting
  • Storyboard
  • Interview questions
  • Interviewees
  • Outline of the filming day

What are the Different Types of Video?

When deciding on style and type of video a business is looking to create, there are a wide variety of choices but what it comes down to is the audience and message. Every business is different, which is why we develop a story that is unique and fits the clients targeted audience.

We don’t approach every business with the same idea, but our goal is the same: To create a video that is original and visually effective. However when planning a video production shoot, a professional video production corporation must always keep the message and clients audience in mind.

Boston Professional Video ProductionWhether the video is for internal or external uses, our Boston professional video production company is there to promote Boston businesses. When deciding on a video, our SVG crew knows how to generate views and attract an audience.

Take for instance a family-owned business with the majority of their customers being middle class workers. SVG would recommend a testimonial video that would include regular customers and employees, which would visually appeal to the targeted audience.

We would not suggest a commercial that has men and woman in fancy suits talking about how great the business is, for that doesn’t show the true intentions and atmosphere of that particular business. Our goal for a video of any style is not only to be effective visually, but to connect to the targeted audience through a story.

Organizing a Video Shoot

After the planning stage and the decision making on the style of a video, the next step is the video production shoot. Filming day includes setting up props and equipment and can take up to an hour to assemble everything.

Organization is the key contributor to Boston professional video production. At SVG we take planning and organization very seriously for it all affects the outcome of a video. One thing every business should keep in mind while on set is the time setup can take.

In the planning stage we provide an outline of the entire day, which includes the time slots for each interview. If we are shooting a commercial for a business the protocol is the same and we also provide an outline of each shot.

Being organized helps our professional video production crew stay focused and get the video done in a timely manner. At SVG we don’t want to waste our clients time, which is why being organized and providing an outline to the clients puts everyone on the same page.

Video Production Roles

Boston Professional Video ProductionFor some Boston professional video production companies, the goal is to get the video done and never be seen again. However, developing a lasting relationship with the client can be more beneficial than the video itself.

A client always wants to feel comfortable and heard, and at SVG our creativity development from a video stems from our relationship with the client.

Feeling trusted and comfortable in an unknown environment is what every person wants, and why should a video production shoot be any different? From start to finish we do our own research on the client to better understand their business. We want them to know we are just as excited to work with them as they are with us

The video production process can be intimidating to some businesses but through communication and careful planning we develop a strategy that works for all ends. We want our client to leave a video production shoot and want to hire us again. We want them to feel they can trust us, and we want them to be able to tell their friends and family about us.

Developing a professional relationship is great but we also look to create a friendship in some ways. In one particular video production shoot, our SVG crew members were so excited about the business and learning more about their products that the company gave our crew an open invitation to stop by any time.

For any Boston video production company, creating a lasting relationship is beneficial for not only a smooth production process but for job opportunities in the future.

To learn more about video production roles on set, click here: Video Production Roles on Set

It doesn’t take a magic potion to be one of the best Boston professional video production companies, and it certainly didn’t happen magically overnight. It takes knowledge, organization, communication, and planning.

At SVG we don’t need magic, we have the potion and all the elements to be one of the best professional video production corporations in Boston.

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