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Marketing is all about strategy, and, in this case, strategy is a long-term game. A comprehensive video marketing strategy should showcase a company from many angles in order to communicate a company’s core identity and values, the technical details of their work, what they provide to their clients and customers, and why they should be trusted. Each of these details can be important for a target audience to know before they buy into your product. 

We’re masters at conciseness and precision, but even so, this is a lot to put into a single video. Spreading each key topic between multiple videos released over a period of time adds purpose and clarity to each video, and allows potential buyers to easily navigate through web content. Staggered release of content also helps to keep potential customers engaged as they follow you on your digital platforms. Skillman Video Group works with our clients in order to strategize on the most important content and how to transform that content into a meaningful, purposeful, and powerful video campaign. 

What is the Hub and Spoke Model?

We like to think of a long-term video marketing campaign in terms of the hub and spoke model. 

The hub is the flagship brand video, from which all other videos branch off. The spokes are supporting videos that support that hub. Together, they feed off each other and synergistically leave a bigger impact than if they stood alone.

All of the supporting videos tie back to the brand video, and each one serves a specific purpose in the customer journey. Our Video Blueprint carefully and thoughtfully develops a content strategy and schedule that works within your budget and timeline.

The Hub as Brand Video

The brand video is the hub. Why? Because it communicates who you are as a company or organization to the world.  It more than any other piece of video content will humanize your product or service and lay the foundation for building a relationship with your audience.  Let’s face it, your prospects want to know, like and trust you before they are ready to talk “brass tacks”. This brand video serves as an initial introduction with enough information that will leave your audience wanting more.  

The Spokes

Some examples of supporting branded video content are: client testimonials, thought leadership, recruitment, explainer, product, live event, press release… and the list goes on. 

The ‘spoke’ videos of your video marketing campaign answer the ‘what’ of your company. They primarily communicate three main things – who you are, why a customer should like you, and why they should trust you. These spokes should elaborate upon the key messages established in the brand video.

  1. Explainer Videos

As the name suggests, explainer videos are used to explain services that might be difficult to describe in a clear or succinct way. The most popular form of explainer video is the animated explainer video, which uses animated image and narrative to describe the reason a service exists and how it works, in a brief slot of time. Explainer videos are meant to be viewer-friendly, meaning that anyone, even those with no prior experience, should be able to understand them. Often incorporating symbols and visual analogies, the use of engaging, simple animation and a clear narrative keeps audience attention while educating about the service.

2. Product Demos

Demo videos demonstrate the mechanics and application of a physical product in live-action video. A good demo video replicates the user experience and shows the product as it would be used by those who purchase it, including all its key features and technical mechanisms. The demo video is the place to put the claims of your advertising to the test, and prove that your product actually works. 

3. Testimonials

Testimonials are the fuel of exponential growth for your product or service. Raving fans who have worked with you can attest to the integrity and value of your company – and show that your company is reliable and trustworthy. Our testimonial videos package success stories and attach a human face and voice to their words, establishing humanity and trust between you and your audience like nothing else.

4. Press Releases

When there are major changes to your company’s structure, services, or basic nature, press releases help keep potential customers and clients, and the media, updated. 

5. Live Event Recordings

Sometimes your company will have important events that you’ll want to remember and share. Live events are great, but they only happen once. Video recordings are forever, translating the happenings of these live events for those who couldn’t be there themselves.

6. Training Videos

Your employees are your number one advocates for your company. Well thought-through training videos can act as internal marketing videos that are essential to branding. At Skillman Video Group, we view practical training (doing the job safely and efficiently) equally important as understanding company mission and values. Making sure that everyone has bought into that mission keeps everyone pulling in the right direction, ultimately creating an outstanding experience with clients. 

7. Thought Leadership Videos

Thought Leadership Videos share your knowledge with your industry, establishing yourself as an expert and leader in your field. Thought leadership videos keep you relevant by engaging with current discourse and sharing your unique outlook and ideas. 

8. Culture/Recruitment Videos

Finally, when you’re looking to grow your company, recruitment videos can help attract new employees who will be informed about your company and excited to work with you. Culture videos also establish for potential customers and clients that you’re a company that cares about the people it works with. 

Using the hub and spoke model to formulate a video marketing campaign creates an environment that helps customers get to know you, like you, trust you, and ultimately buy from you.

We at Skillman Video Group love clients who believe in the power of the web and are looking for a long-term video partner to help them connect their company to its tribe. We encourage you to further explore our site and contact us at to get started on your first video project.