Boston Video Production Services

Boston has one of the most competitive fields when it comes to Boston video marketing and Boston video production. However, how is any business in the Boston area supposed to know what video service is right fit for them? Being one of the top video marketing and video production services in Boston, our approach is clearly effective.

SVG video production services function in a efficient, creative, industry-standard way. Though none of the videos we produce are the same, our reliable approach ensures fantastic results. Each step is different from the next, and is designed with our specific client in mind. Here is a look at the video production process:

  1. Pre-Production
  2. Production
  3. Post-Production

New terminology can be confusing, and for those businesses who are unfamiliar with video production and video marketing terms each step will be broken down.


Pre-ProductionPre-production is best described as developing content. Before any business goes into a meeting with our video production professional, they must do some soul searching. In other words, know your audience and message. We can help bring your video to life but the client must also know who they are for us to be able to help.

This stage of production also requires a lot of communication between SVG and our client. Meetings are set up to determine the style of video, concepts, setting, and days for filming. A storyboard might also be created during this stage. In other words, shots are planned out to make for an easier day of filming. Some storyboards contain drawings while others contain directions and dialogue for each sequence. This is also similar to the call sheet sent out before the day of filming. A call sheet is the information for the day of filming. It provides the time crew members should be on set as well as an outline of the day. A call sheet also allows the business and the video production crew to know the concept and how long each shot should take.

Besides organizing a storyboard, pre-production also calls for planning the crew and hiring casting agents depending on the video’s style. If the business is looking to create a commercial with scripted dialogue then actors should be hired. On the other hand, if the video will be comprised of interviews, then the business’ employees are best suited for the role. Hiring crew members also must be done. SVG has many professional videographers at their disposal but it is important to schedule a date with one ahead of time so he or she won’t be double booked.

Planning and organization is the biggest part of pre-production. Finding the story within the message, organizing a setting and a shoot day while also hiring crew members, and possibly actors, is part of the pre-production process. There is not room for error come shoot day and the time beforehand is all about preparation and making sure the client is getting the envisioned video


Shoot day, or in other words production, is taking everything prepared during pre-production like the storyboard and bringing it to life. Production is all about capturing the story using visually effective lighting, setting, and audio. At SVG we don’t settle for average and through the pre-production stage we plan out every little bit of production day to make sure there are no surprises for the client and to assure they are getting more than they asked for.

The style of videos can vary depending on what the client is looking to say. The style of video is decided in the pre-production stage. Nonetheless, here are some examples videos styles that have been shot on the SVG set:

Video ProductionDepending on the size of the shoot and style the amount of crewmembers varies. Most Boston video production shoots only ask for 2-3 crewmembers. However, if the video calls for specialized audio (for instance, working in a loud industrial building) and a lot of video equipment for shooting different angles then the amount of crew members could be up to 5.

Besides the style of video, b-roll is also captured during the production stage. B-roll is the images that relate to an interview. For commercial purposes b-roll is only needed in certain circumstances and is used during interview segments, and brand videos. B-roll can be anything from the grounds of the business to employees working or a company’s product. The point of b-roll is to give the consumers something to look at besides the interviewee that directly relates to the topic.


SVG doesn’t want any client to feel as if their video isn’t what was envisioned. However, it’s also important for SVG clients to note that there are rounds to the post-production process and the first draft of the video is rarely what the client wants as the final product.

For example, sometimes the creative process looks like:

1st round- Concept to Content

2nd round- B-roll and graphics

3rd round- Color & audio correction

Almost anything can be fixed in post production and nothing is ever set in stone. Today’s editing programs makes it easy to make changes to the video, but it’s all about communication. If the client wants a part of the video to be cut out he or she must communicate that with the SVG producer. We know what it takes to make a great video but we can’t guess that the client isn’t satisfied with a particular area. Similar to writing a research paper, editing a video takes quite a few drafts. The creative process isn’t a straight line and things can always change, the video can be adapted. However, the audience and message cannot. Again, in order for a video to be effective the business must know their audience and who they are. By the time editing begins, those concepts can’t be changed.

Consultation services

Hiring a Boston video production and video marketing company isn’t for every business, and some might find our consultation services more effective. At SVG we offer:

  • Recommendations for proper video gear to invest in
  • Teach you the ins and outs of equipment
  • Provide support throughout your production process

When developing a video we want our clients to feel comfortable producing one on their own even if we are only their for moral support, which can be anything from technical support to conceptional.  SVG also provides corporate training to our clients.


  1. What video content might best serve your marketing needs (i.e. testimonial, a brand video, etc)
  2. The most effective format for delivering the content to your audience base (i.e. a comprehensive web campaign, blogging or social media marketing)
  3. How to attract both old and new audiences to your content – this might be through SEO, a brand redesign, or a social media push
  4. What other tools might be useful in furthering your marketing goals (i.e. an email marketing campaign, a website redesign)
  5. Setting up in-house training sessions to better equip your team to handle the strategy and technical demands of video production as well as online marketing

No matter what stage of Boston video production, SVG is with our clients every step of the way. Whether a consultation or video production, at SVG our professional approach and years of experience will bring your video marketing campaign to the next level.