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As a Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group deals with a vast array of clientele that come from all kinds of industries. Each unique client comes with their own budgetary restrictions, creative vision, and more to ensure that each client shoot is different than the last. To provide a broad illustration of what it’s like to be a Boston video company, we’ll go through some of our most recent clients and video production jobs.

What is a Testimonial Video?

Bunker Hill community college hosted a cocktail party by the Boston harbor, allowing for alumni to return and reconnect with each other. SVG did a mix of live event videography and testimonial footage. For the testimonial set-up, we placed all the equipment (including professional-grade lights) in an interview-style orientation. One after another, Bunker Hill alumni spoke about their community college experiences, and how BHCC specifically prepared them for the work force. A few notes for testimonials:


Bunker Hill Alumni Event

  • Balance lighting on both sides of the interviewee’s face to ensure the best aesthetic qualities shine. Colored gels may be necessary to counter environmental factors affecting the light, especially for outside shoots which was the case for this event. It was also late in the evening so we had to account for sunlight levels rapidly decreasing with each take. This is a common consideration for summertime video production company work.
  • If using a boom mic for audio, aim the receiving end toward the upper chest of the interviewee or the general mouth area. However, remind the person being interviewed that he/she will not need to lean toward the mic because the audio operator has taken care of the levels. It is a common mistake during interviews, and it can distinguish an expert video company from a standard one.

Live Event Video Production

The Cable TV Pioneers Banquet was held at the Fairmont Copley Plaza, and the SVG team on site was responsible for managing an extremely tight schedule. The first half of the night consisted of a red-carpet-style setup in which organization members talked about their experiences in the Cable TV industry and what being a member meant to them. Exactly halfway through the night, the general cocktail party vibe of the event was steamrolled away by a cacophonous fife band, bursting through the doors and bringing electrifying energy into the night. The band was hired to transition everyone from one ballroom to the next for the banquet dinner half of the night, so the SVG crew had to be ready to quickly switch from the red carpet setup to a mobile audio and visual team that would follow the fife band. From here on out, SVG was in charge of doing live event videography, which can be an absolute blast with these tips:Camera Operating and Boom Pole

  • Think of the videography work as a highlight reel. It will ultimately be an illustration of the night, so follow whatever is grabbing everyone’s attention. For this event, the fife band was going to be crucial to illustrate the tone shift for the night, so we adjusted accordingly.
  • Delegate roles, because there will be little time to transition when an event is running live. If a speaker is about to introduce a circus group that will surprise everyone from the back doors, the camera operator will need to rapidly change directions and refocus the lens. During this shift, the last thing he/she needs to worry about is how the audio levels are doing or the lighting, etc., so let the team divide and conquer.

Corporate Video Production Services

Clough Capital, a hedge fund conglomerate, held an annual conference in Boston and hired SVG to film the event. This was actually the second time we’ve worked with Clough Capital, and we were glad to be able to combine corporate video and live event videography. For corporate video:

Live Event Videography

Live Event Videography

  • Prepare profiles on each speaker at a conference. This becomes useful when a particularly animated orator takes the stage, because the camera operator will be ready to adjust frame and zoom as needed.
  • Think of this videography work as a straightforward recording from start to finish. The footage we recorded was going to be sent out to clients and Clough Capital members unable to make it to the conference, so we needed to film every second from the first presentation to the last.

Top Video Marketing Company in New England

SVG regularly maintains a YouTube channel with our various client content, and one of our more recent video series is from working with a skincare company. The series was several tutorial style videos for various skincare products, with experts showing proper usage of creams, lotions, etc. Projects like these are great for YouTube marketing, and thanks to a lot of experience with these sorts of videos, we have a few tips for Boston YouTube channels:

  • Use a video style that conveys brand personality. Some brands are naturally more vibrant than others, and that’s completely fine as long as each respective brand plays up on their strengths.
  • Prepare a different marketing strategy for each respective platform that will be used, especially for social media platforms. A Facebook campaign can’t be a copy and paste strategy from Twitter, because the two platforms are totally different beasts with their own styles.