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Boston’s Best Video Production Companies

When you’re looking to start a video production project in the Boston area, there are a range of video companies to choose from, offering services in a range of disciplines and specialties. Not all video companies are created equal – doing your due diligence to research your options before launching into an endeavor with any one company will ensure that the company you choose is suited for your project and able to meet your needs as a business.

There are multiple tiers of the video world, ranging from the freelance videographer, to the company that offers the highest level of service – the video agency. Choosing a video company which doesn’t meet the scale of your project will lead to results that don’t match the goals of your company and your project. You can’t fault the video company for this — a video production company can’t do the job of a video agency, just as a freelance videographer can’t do the job of a video production company

While we define ourselves as a ‘video agency’ rather than a video production company because of our capacity for advanced planning and strategy, Skillman Video Group appreciates the role of the video production company within the video ecosystem, as experts at video production within their appropriate scale. 


Skillman Video Group: Video Agency

The creative director, unique to the video agency, acts as your guide and consultant from the first steps of learning about your business, through the final rounds of post-production. The video agency works closely with you well before the day of the shoot to learn about your company, ask the hard questions, and determine the best strategy for your video project. 

A creative director will take the time to learn about your company and its goals, then help you answer the most pressing questions you might have about the nature of your video – Will your video be scripted? How many videos are you going to make and what will be the content of them? Will you be doing animation or live action? If you’re doing animation, what will that animation look like? Is it 2D or 3D? What are your brand standards in terms of coloring, logos, and overall tone? If you’re doing live-action video, who are you going to interview and what are you going to ask them? What kind of supplementary footage are you going to capture and where? 

By answering these questions, SVG will craft a blueprint for your video content that is purposeful, cogent, and will ultimately produce stunning video. Skillman Video Group is here for projects that need guidance from start to finish. We thrive off difficult projects, and, as a video agency, this is where our value is added.


Committed to Excellence

At Skillman Video Group, our focus is on you from day one. We love learning about new businesses and the passion that you have for your company. 

We seek clarity on the purpose of each element of a proposed project and step deeper into the depth of your business, peeling back the layers until we reach the essential soul of your company. This curiosity is one of our most powerful tools. Video is a vehicle for human connection, and we believe in your power to use your voice to communicate what makes your company great. When you already believe in the value of your company, marketing yourself becomes easy. It’s Skillman Video Group’s job to nurture that voice and transform it into compelling video.

We understand that you might be coming to us with very little experience in video, and that it might be daunting to take the complexity of your business and transform that into a two or three minute clip. But we’re experts making that happen — we believe that any business can use video as a tool to connect with our customers. At SVG, we maintain consistent communication to ensure that you are on board with the plan. If anything goes awry, our guarantee is that if you’re unhappy with your video, we will reshoot at no cost. 


Our Niche

As a video agency, Skillman Video Group works best with businesses with more complicated projects or who are ready to embark on a long-term video marketing campaign. We work with companies who might be unsure of what their needs are in video and help them realize their goals, ultimately producing polished and professional video that helps them generate business and solidify their identity as a brand. 

We love companies that are complicated — many of our clients are B2B businesses which have processes which might be unfamiliar to outsiders or need explaining. These businesses are often unique in their marketplace. We are experts at using video to condense these complex processes into digestible, 2-3 minute video segments. As people who work with people, we also love businesses which have a story to tell. 

Skillman Video Group is just one of many companies that does video in the Boston area. We understand that not every video project requires the scope that a video agency like SVG offers, and we encourage everyone to research before leaping into a commitment. The following companies each serve their own roles in the Boston video ecosystem. 


    1. Diginovations


Diginivations is a leader in video production within the Boston area, offering a range of live event video production services, streaming video services, and photography services. With clients like Pioneer Investments, the Boston Red Sox, Genzyme, and Plymouth Rock Assurance, you know you’ll be getting top tier quality, professionalism, and an excellent finished product.


2. Maverick Productions, LLC


A well awarded company, Maverick is a Boston based video production company that specializes in Corporate video, website video, marketing videos, and promotional videos. With a client portfolio of Tufts Medical Center, The Lahey Clinic, and Pinnacle Residential Properties, Maverick has the versatility and a level of quality that will meet, and perhaps exceed, your video production needs.


3. Sound & Vision Media

Sound and Vision

Video production can be immensely useful, however it can all add up. Sound & Vision Media stake themselves as the most affordable professional video production company in Boston. Meeting the needs of corporate video, commercial video, online video, and have even music video work in their portfolio. If you’re looking to get your small business’s website a boost thorough video, Sound & Vision Media might be you best and most affordable bet.


4. Rewatchable


As a business and corporate video oriented company, Rewatchable is another excellent Boston video production company that’ll deliver top tier results at an impressive price point. With a plentiful and noteworthy client portfolio, Rewatchable has worked with names such as Praesidium Wealth Management, Datawatch, Stonehill College, and many more.


5. Heavy Digital Cinema Productions

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.38.14 AM

As a company that truly does it all, Heavy Digital’s services span from corporate video production, to motion graphics, to film and music video production. With a high level of expertise and a strong focus on story, Heavy Digital has a portfolio that’ll give you confidence in their experience and degree of quality.


6. E Cast Productions

e cast

Specializing in corporate video production, live event video, and webcasting, E Cast is another Boston based video production company that totes an impressive portfolio, with clients ranging from Genzyme, to National Grid, Harvard University, MIT, and Biogen Idec. Their live event video team can handle events of any size, large or small, and their corporate video production is yet another company delivering top tier excellence.


7. Gifford Productions


Focusing on corporate video production, Gifford Productions delves into videos for sales, training, and informationals. Gifford also offers SEO for video and YouTube, as well as DVD’s, and webinars. Gifford has over 30 years of in-house video experience, so they’re not a company to be overlooked. Top of the line video production meets top of the line video editing, resulting in a finished product that is, to say the least, up to snuff.


8. Dewy Media

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 11.46.01 AM

With a broad scopeof professional video services, Dewy Media is another very high quality video production choice for your business’s video production. With clients such as Museum of Science, Blue Shift Technologies, and The Health Foundation of Central Massachusetts, Dewy Media offers academic videos for admissions & fundraising, corporate videos, online videos for social media marketing, videos for non-profits, and even documentary film making. Dewy has a strong portfolio of work and is sue to deliver your business a top quality finished production.


9. McElroy Films

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 12.01.06 PM

Video production with an understood integration with marketing campaigns, McElroy offers plenty of services, including corporate video production, non-profit video production, and school and educational videos, while having expertise in SEO for video to boot. Sporting a client portfolio that includes St. Mary’s Credit Union, HoneyWell, and Boston Pain Care, McElroy Films may be the key to promoting your business through video, and the finished results are Skillman Video Group endorsed.


10. Valed

valed video

Last, but certainly not least, Valed Video located in downtown Boston specializes in corporate video production, legal videos, video conferencing, and a broad scope of post-production editing. If you want to make an excellent video and are in in the heart of Boston, Valed Video may be your convenient quality video production company.

Skillman Video Group is proud to be a part of such a vibrant video community. We want to award credit where credit is due, and help you decide which production company is right for you along the way! With these production companies, you can’t go wrong. If you decide that SVG is the right fit for your video endeavor, we encourage you to contact us at info@skillmanvideogroup.com