Building a Better Applicant Pool with Recruitment Videos

Acquiring applications for a job opening is not a huge challenge, especially in the current economic climate. People are ready to get back to work, but that pile of resumés might not have the person you’re looking for in it. 

Recruitment Videos can help you make sure that you’re getting the best qualified candidates expressing interest and eventually taking jobs with your company. A recruitment video is a quick and easy way for potential employees to get a feel for your company. You can share benefits of employment with your company, provide a sense of  the business environment, or express what qualities you are looking for in an employee.

Why Wait?

Bringing someone on board can cost a lot. When you have a bad hire you loose productivity, hurt company morale, and it can negatively impact your work. In the end bad hires can cost your business tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention that, according to a Harrison Interactive survey, 46% of new employees won’t last 18 months. Don’t waste time training someone who isn’t going to work out. Make sure the candidate you hire is going to be worth the investment.

In the same survey, participants who had negative hiring experience said 21% of the time that the talent they were looking for wasn’t in the pool of applicants they were looking at. The only larger known reason given for bad hires was haste.

 If you had a simple step to increase the quality of your applicants, wouldn’t you?

Video Can Make a Difference

CareerBuilder found that a job posting with a video saw a 12% increase in traffic, and received 34% more applicants. A video with production value and a articulate pitch is bound to increase your traffic and the size of your applicant pool.


What Makes a Great Recruitment Video?

  • Be yourself. A spokesperson might deliver your words quickly and eloquently, but seeing a real person speak from personal experience will have a more meaningful impact.
  • Highlight what makes you different. It might be the kind of work, the opportunity for continuing on-the-job training, or company culture and activities. All of these contribute to the work environment.
  • Share success stories. Talking to an employee who has worked their way up the ladder or someone who really made a life for themselves as part of your company.
  • Talk about the qualities you look for in all your employees. Be honest about who is going to do well in your company.

In the video we produced for Time Payment there were many things we had to do to ensure the best recruitment video possible. Our video producer started by identifying the key elements that make up Time Payment’s story. We then casted for the video by selecting subjects suggested by the human resources department that could share stories relevant to our themes. Each one of the subjects was told what to expect and prepared for their filming, but they were not scripted. Instead they were simply instructed to tell their stories. These interviews effectively act as video testimonials, but rather than be about the the product, it’s about their organization and the benefits of working as a member of their team.

Hiring is a Two Way Street.

Every applicant is trying to prove to potential employers that they’re qualified, but your business needs to prove to potential employees that they would rather work for you than your competitors. Your Recruitment Video is your opening salvo in winning over talented employees. Not only will it help you attract more potential employees and provide them with the opportunity to get to know your company before applying, it helps you weed out potential candidates who aren’t right for your company. Employees who wouldn’t work well in your business environment will self select themselves and not apply for your positions, meaning your pool of candidates won’t just be larger, but more qualified and a better fit all around.

Skillman Video Group in Boston Massachusetts produces quality recruitment videos among a range of other marketing services. If you are looking for someone to ensure your recruitment video or other video project is a success be sure to contact us.