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Building Links for Online Marketing

How to Build Internal and External Links

Usually hearing the word traffic may send you into anxiety as you picture yourself in a line of cars moving ever so slowly. However, when it comes to your website and online businesses, traffic is a very important thing. Traffic on your website is the amount of people that are clicking through and visiting your pages. The more clicks and traffic that you are able to drive to your website, the better your Google Rankings will be. Adding links throughout your pages and blogs is the best way to get your click-through-rate higher. You can place links in your writing to help lead to more clicks and views. Video production companies Boston focus on linking to any thing related to video production services.

What is a Link Structure?

Linking is all about bringing together two related entities. When searches are being made for a specific topic, Google goes through and brings up the highest ranked pages that are connected or related to your search. We hope to be a related entity of all corporate video ideas and anything to do with Marketing Video Production. If you are looking for an actor that you saw in your favorite show, but you aren’t sure about their name, you will try to search it on Google. If you search for “this is us cast” on Google, the full cast will appear at the top of the search followed by anything to do with the show after. related entities screenshotEach of these actors and actresses have the related entity of the show that was being searched. From there, you can click on any of the actors. Yet if you were to search Justin Hartley name by itself, the results come up differently. You will still get information about “This Is Us” but also other shows and events he has been involved with. Google will bring Related Entities together when people make searches. 

Our related entities are all under video production services, we look to link ourselves to other domains that have the same topics as us. Our Boston video production company also uses many keywords to bring people throughout our website. Bouncing around through our domain, we can bring more traffic to our other pages and posts. 

What are Internal Links?

Sending people between different posts and pages on your own site is done through an internal link. When creating a blog post or landing page, you start with a specific topic but from there you want to find things that are relate to what you are writing about. Linking your posts to one another is a perfect way to keep people interested. Using keywords that are highly searched on Google as a way to link your posts is a great way to boost your website’s Ranking. Our related entities revolve around the corporate video ideas of our clients and teaching our audience about Marketing Video Production.

Three reasons to use Internal Links

  1. They allow users to navigate a website
  2. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website
  3. They help spread link ranking power around websites

What are External Links?

A link that leads to websites under a different domain are known as external links. If you were to add a link that brings you to another domain, you are providing the external link. External links also work reversed if there is a link on a different domain to lead back to your website. It is good to use external links for your sources.

Three reasons to use External Links

  1. Top SEOs strategists believe that external links are the most important source of ranking power
  2. External links pass link ranking power differently than internal links because the search engines consider them as third-party votes
  3. Top SEOs strategists don’t believe that the “title” link attribute is user for tanking purposes

Google loves links, so the more you are able to place links through your website the better. Using external and internal links is not only a good way to get noticed by Google, but also a way to get more traffic to your website and between different posts on your website. Link related entities on your site to one another. As a video production company in Boston, we do this by using keywords to connect articles with buzz words. We like to take our corporate video ideas and bring them together with others that have similarities. Whether your company is working on enhancing their website and working to attract more viewers, it is important thing to create links.

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