Corporate Training Video Production

Professional Training Video Production

Say that you run a business, large or small, and you need to quickly convey a lot of information to all of your employees at once. You could open PowerPoint and spend hours crafting the perfect presentation, animated slides included, so designing your presentation occupies the next several hours of your time. Then you find a time where your entire team can meet, which is always an ordeal in and of itself, to deliver the presentation. The presentation goes on without a hitch, and now you’ve spent the better part of a work day (potentially longer given for general befuddlement) planning, scheduling, and delivering your presentation. But there’s a strategy for delivering a lot of information at once that doesn’t require you to sacrifice any of your preciously valued time. That strategy involves the use of corporate training videos, designed by Skillman Video Group through our industry-standard methods of corporate training video production.

Corporate Training Video Production: The What and Why

Corporate Training Video Production provides an easy and inexpensive way to train dozens of employees at once. These videos highlight new practices, shared values, branding goals and ideas that your business wants to communicate to every member of the organization.

Module 3 – Patient Engagement from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.

For example, check out this training video we produced for Visual Footcare Inc. This is a part of a series of videos that were designed to train employees at various national retailers on how to explain their new product line.

Not only can you use our methods of Corporate Training Video Production internally within your immediate organization, but corporate training videos can also be used to educate partners on the important qualities of your products. Imagine that your business has created a new line of products that are radically different from anything you’ve done before. What’s the most cost-effective, efficient, and stylish way to communicate vital information? Corporate training videos.

Training Video Production Company

Do you remember high school? Do you remember working a minimum wage job at a cash register that required you to watch a few hours of videos that seemed hokey and pointless?

We don’t make those.

We make corporate training videos that excite and motivate every member of an organization to inform their work with the new information you needed to convey.

If you didn’t have the fortune of working a job that sat you down for an informational video on day one, then take a few minutes to check out this training video. This videos actually went viral on a few different social networking platforms, notably Tumblr, over the past year. Here’s the type of corporate training video that we’d like to avoid.

The video is upbeat and direct, but it hasn’t aged very well and frankly just looks pretty silly.

We cater the tone of our corporate training videos to whatever mood our client wants. Do you need a sleek, hyper-professional video to share amongst your executive branch? We have you covered for sleek and modern, but we can also produce a corporate training video with a slightly less serious tone.

But beyond the tone of the video, we have a few recommendations for creating the most effective corporate training video.

Best Training Video Examples

First, you’ll want to keep your message clear, concise, and easily understood. It’s easy to overwhelm your audience with information, especially when you’re trying to cover a lot of material in a short amount of time. Rather than pack ten minutes of information into a two minute video, we reccomend creating a series of different videos that cover the necessary information over a longer period of time. By creating a series of videos, as opposed to making one, huge video, you’ll give your audience the breathing room that’s necessary to digest new information.

Second, we suggest that you understand the specific audience of your video as the first step in the creative process. You’ll want to tailor the presentation of your idea to your audience. In other words, think about who will see your video before you think about anything except your basic message.

Third, don’t be afraid to use a little humor in your corporate training video. There’s a good chance that your audience will remember the video more vividly, and using humor is a great way to make a generalized message more relatable.

Boston Corporate Training Video Production 

At Skillman Video Group, our primary goal for every video production project is to tell a story, but not just any story. We want to tell the story of what’s at the core of your organization. Who are the people and values that comprise your business? Even with corporate training videos that are designed to communicate a very specific message, tapping into the core of your business’s values will help instill your message.

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