Corporate Video Production Companies in Boston

Corporate Video Production Companies

Competition is defined as the Corporate Video Production Companies  “Rivalry between two or more persons or groups for an object desired in common.” Along with competition comes a loser and a victor. So, what separates the winners from the losers? Or in corporate video production companies’ terms, what separates the best video production companies from the average ones? How can you determine the video production company which is guaranteed to provide you with excellent service?

There are many elements that go into corporate video production quality. In order to compete with other corporate video production companies, the whole business – everyone from the creative director, to the DP, to the production assistants, to the editors must have:

  • Creativity
  • Experience
  • Organization
  • Technical skills

Video Storytelling Ideas

When corporate video production companies produce videos, the client’s ideas, identity, and message must be first and foremost while also putting a creative spin onto their story. Without that sense of creativity, the client will be left with an average video. To stay ahead of the competition,  corporate video production companies must keep in mind the client’s desire, just like any video production company. Communication is key to understanding and elucidating these desires. A business wants to deliver a message to the audience that grabs their attention and assures the consumers that their business is the best choice compared to their competitors.

Corporate Video Production Services

Creativity isn’t just about adding flashy lighting and effects to a video. Creativity is a kind of critical thinking associated with the ability to bring into existence original ideas, even with limited resources or unfamiliar parameters. In the world of corporate video production, creativity has to do with understanding the client, their story, and the competition, and developing an original video that will directly impact the business’ clients. When things inevitably go in an unexpected direction, a creative video professional will be able to pick up the pieces, and even use the discrepancies to their advantages. If a scripted video is eliciting a lot of emotion from the subject, for instance, maybe it’s time to go off-script – a creative video is often one that audiences can relate to and drives an emotional connection between the business and the audience. 

But emotion doesn’t just have to be the driving force behind creativity. Using humor can also have an impact if done correctly and within appropriate contexts. Again, when using humor, corporate video production companies must understand the client’s business, their audience, and the platform in which it will be published. Demographics tell a lot about an audience, and in order for a humorous video to not fall flat, the video must also be relatable.

Regardless of content and tone, video styles come in many different forms like:

Corporate video production companies must be creative when developing a video no matter what the style. By looking at the client’s business through the audience’s eyes there will be a greater emphasis on the video’s elements.

Creativity in Video Marketing

Corporate Video Production CompaniesCreativity doesn’t happen overnight for most corporate video production companies. For some, it comes with trial and error, others find it is a natural gift, and for rest it comes with experience.

At Skillman Video Group our CEO and Creative Director, Christina Skillman, has over 11 years of video production experience. Although there are talented young directors and DPs, with experience comes knowledge, a better understanding of consumers, marketing, and creativity. Building up a resume of clients and staying in business for more than 11 years stands out to potential clients. Though hiring a corporate video production company is not solely based around experience, being able to stay relevant and stay in business through the years says something about SVG. And for other video production companies continuously against competitors in their area, experience may is often the driving force behind a client’s decision. Unfortunately not all corporate video production companies can put 11 years of experience in their “about” page; staying relevant means evolving and learning from video shoots and changing what’s not working. Video production companies that are able to stay in business are the ones that don’t settle for average videos and use their background and experiences to get improve. One major key to constant growth and experience as a corporate video production company is organization.

Video Marketing Strategies

Being creative and having experience can be the defining element for some clients when hiring a video production company, but in order to have a relationship with the client for future video production shoots it is extremely important to be organized. Leaving a lasting impression on the client is the main goal for corporate video production companies – that and delivering a video far beyond their expectations. Gaining clients is based around prior clients’ experiences – a bad review can have serious consequences. If the video shoot was disorganized and there was rarely any communication between the client and producer, it leads to unhappy customers – followed by a below average video. From start to finish, corporate video production companies need to be there for their clients throughout the process. 

Organizing a video production shoots comes in three basic steps:

  1. Pre-production-Planning
  2. Production-Filming
  3. Post-production– Editing

Pre-production is the planning stage for production and post-production. This is where communicating with the client must be done to ensure that by the time filming day arrives, every minute and hour is outlined. Organizing everything from the video style, setting, interview questions makes for an easygoing production day for cast and crew. By organizing the video production day Set Dressingthrough a time sheet or outline it comforts the client and allows the entire video production crew to stay on schedule. The last thing any client wants is to run into is problems or surprises on filming day. Developing a storyboard and a call sheet shows the client that you are prepared and put less pressure on them. Having such outlines also gives visuals of the video shoot so changes can be made before production. Overall, organizing a video production schedule allows for everything to go according to plan, and if the video production crew is to come across any problems the prior preparation allows for an alternative route. In other words, organizing not only comes in the form of outlining the video production process from start to finish but also looks at problems that might arise during filming and provides alternative solutions.

Technical Video Production Skills

Corporate video production companies might have all the elements to be great, but they are nothing without their equipment and professional crew members. Everything from lighting, camera angles, audio, and the setting needs to be perfect in order for a video production shoot to be successful. The message and story may all be there but if it’s not visually effective then it will not captivate the audience. Having professional videographers and crew members as well as high tech equipment makes all the difference for the video production shoot and will lead to more shot options for post-production.