Boston Video Production Google Ranking: Does it Matter?

What is a Google Ranking?

Google Ranking has always been a big topic when it comes to Online Marketing and creating a website. Our Video Production Companies Boston, Skillman Video Group, has always focused on creating content that will benefit our Google Ranking. Boston Video SEO experts know what gets your website noticed, and how to use keywords and other tools to boost your Google Rankings. Using these tactics allows people to find your site when they are searching for similar content. Google Ranking is the order in which websites appear in each search that is made. Those who have the best ranking will be right at the top when keywords they use are searched. This is what makes SEO so important to the success of online businesses. If you want your website to be found, you have to make sure that your ranking is high to get you at a noticeable point in searches being made.

Google Ranking Factorsgoogle seo search

There are many different factors that go into a Google Rankings. Each factor takes a deeper look at certain sections of your website to see how your SEO affects the performance. Boston Video SEO experts look to make sure each section of their website is reachable for Google Rankings. Based on age and keywords, most factors are easy to improve to bring your rankings higher. The first thing they say about Google Rankings is to fully know and understand each factor, so you can improve your site. The following is a summarized list of all of 2018 Google Ranking factors, researched by Brian Dean. There are many parts to each factor but taking an overlook of each could help us determine whether or not Google Rankings matter for Video Production Companies Boston. 

  1. Referring Domains
  2. Organic click-through-rate
  3. Domain authority 
  4. Mobile usability
  5. Dwell Time
  6. Total number of backlinks
  7. Content quality 
  8. On-page SEO

Does Google Rankings Matter?

A Google Ranking is made up of the above factors, which would allow it to be easier for searchers to find your content. The more your site fulfills the certain requirements of each factor, it allows for your site to be further up on the searches made for your keywords. At SVG, we use our SEO to appear in searches made for Boston Video Production or similar content. Our Google Rankings work to help us reach those looking for  Marketing Video Production and other video production services. Businesses have been video production services sitefocusing on improving these factors to help their site get better Google Rankings, but now it is said that Google Rankings doesn’t matter anymore. With all the updates to Google and technology, your ranking doesn’t even matter, according to many researchers.

Changes to Google Effects Rankings

Google has many ways to help you optimize your website in order to reach a high Google Ranking. Using Google Analytics allows you to see
what people are searching for to help boost your SEO. There are simple ways to search for keywords that your target market is using. Many businesses use these tactics to help them find what keywords are needed to help get them rank better. With updates to Google, there is now more privacy for those making the searches. Encrypted searches are now making it harder to find accurate keywords that are being used. In addition, the data being affected by the encrypted searches makes the keyword tool less accurate and effective towards your Google Ranking. 

Another part of Google that has updated, is the idea to make it more personalized. Have you ever noticed that all the side ads that come up on different sites happen to be other sites you have already visited? Google now records the sites that you frequently visit and makes it more likely for those to show up in your searches. With each search you make, the results are dependent on your browser history. The ranking of searches will be listed based on the users preferences and not Google Rankings. This means that what comes up for one person is most likely not going to come up for the next person, even if they are searching for the same keyword. It makes it harder to differentiate between the Google Rankings and the preference ranking. An example of this could be a person searching for a particular article of clothing could Clever blog post titlesgo on a search for a rain coat, and the top results will be their most visited store websites and not those that Google has ranked at the top. As a result, Google Rankings appears to not matter as much, for if the person has already found you, you will continue to come up and each person searches and visits different sites. Personal factors of Google have now made it harder to see which websites are actually ranking in the top 10.

Keywords are Important 

There are many reasons that you may think that you no longer have to work on your Google Ranking if it doesn’t matter. However, there are many people that still believe it is a big part of online businesses. You should never stop using SEO whether you believe in Google Rankings or not. Boston Video Production is a search that many people make, and we continue to work to be at the top of those searches. Using our skills as Boston Video SEO experts, we find ourselves moving up the ranks. Keywords are very important in any online businesses success, so never stop using them!

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