Forbes Magazine Illuminates The Importance of Online Video

ForbesThere’s no doubt about it: video is the language of future content development. A recent article posted by Forbes magazine entitled ‘Why Online Video is Vital for Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives’ only serves to reinforce the primacy of the medium. The article posts data collected by the analyst groups Eloqua,, and Software Advice (homepage found here) that shows a high level of participants (in the 90% range) responded most strongly to online video.

The reason? The article goes on to discuss the psychological underpinnings of why video is such a strong tool for any company or organization’s marketing initiatives. Based on studies by Susan Weinschenk, a PhD and consultant for brands like Amazon and Walmart, people respond powerfully to four key points: the face, the voice, emotion, and movement. By using online video, organizations are able to touch on each of these aspects in reaching out to new markets.

Skillman Video Group is poised at a perfect moment to help leverage the power of online video. When paired with a collaborative approach that emphasizes creative story telling within a specific context, we feel confident that video is a powerful tool for any company or organization looking to make bold strides towards future growth.