FORCE Video: Editing and Finishing

We shot a video for Framingham FORCE to spread awareness about opioid addiction and spread the word about their non-profit organization that specializes in recovery. Here we give you a peek behind the curtain to the Editing and Finishing parts of our creative process for this project.

(We talked about the Discovery through Production phases of this project in this blog post:

We worked very closely with them on the day of the shoot. The style of the video was documentary-style interviews–a classic setup that leaves a lot of room for creative liberties when getting your b-roll. However, due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were highly limited with where we could go to shoot for the FORCE video, and couldn’t go indoors to get that nice b-roll.

As COVID-19 still rages, flexibility is key. We were able to get many outdoor shots, but it did not give us nearly enough footage to use. FORCE was able to send us images and photos to use in the video so we had something to put over the interviews. After production concluded the video was set for our four rounds of post-production.

Editing and Finishing Begins

This style of video was unscripted. We do this because it shows authenticity–and if professional, paid, actors struggle to deliver lines–why would they be able to achieve the same goal through reading a script. This is why we sculpt the questions to get the answers that we are looking for. This means going back to your creative brief, where you have your most important key themes and messages laid out and asking them the right questions.

Christina Skillman, the CEO and Creative Director of, Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, says, “It’s not your job to know what you’re supposed to be saying, it’s our job.”

Let’s Start at Round 1Interview set up, editing and finshing, FORE post

That is why in round one of our editing process, we basically make a script. We assembly cut, where all of the clips are laid out and we widdle them down to a story that makes sense with a beginning, middle, and end, adding up to 4-5 minutes. This means we’re only focussing on what is being said, not what you can see.

When it gets passed back to the client for initial story review, we ask them to listen and keep their eyes closed. We are always looking to get a genuine reaction to what’s being said from the client.

To end the first round they pass the video back to us with how they feel about what is being said then we move on.

Onto Round 2

Round 2 is a similar process where we really fine-tune the story. We edit the video down even more. If the video is too long, and we need to get it down to 2-3 minutes, then we find more places to cut. We try to keep as many key messages in the video as you can; however, the length of your video can deter viewers. No one wants to watch a 5-minute brand video; you’ll lose them at 2-3 to minutes. So sometimes editing out clips you like is necessary to make the video as a whole better.

Eyes closed for this round as well. Just like the first round, this round should be reviewed with eyes closed. By this time, it is a cohesive story that flows and makes sense. The client reviewed it with their eyes closed and approved the story. This means we can start round 3!

logo, , Editing and Finishing, postproductionMoving on, Round 3

This stage is where we talk with the client about their graphics needs. As mentioned before, COVID-19 was raging and we were not able to get b-roll of their organization indoors. Relying solely on images sent to us by FORCE, we didn’t have much wiggle room. Thankfully there were other aspects that we could really level up and make the video higher quality.

We used unique and creative lower thirds for the interviewees’ names, and we animated their logo into a motion graphic. These simple. yet effective, graphics will uplevel your video ten-fold.

Finally, Round 4

This is the final step in the 4 tier editing process. This is where we fine-tuned the graphics and made any color correction fixes that we needed. Then we sent it to FORCE one last time for a final review.

We are so happy to have worked with FORCE  and they absolutely loved the final product! If you would like to work with production companies in Boston on your own project, Skillman Video Group would love to work with you! Contact