Google AdWords and Marketing

About Google AdWords

AdWords is an advertisement system engineered by Google in order to market a business or a product through Google’s search results. The strategic placement of an ad is meant to draw more traffic to a site, implying that the ad is most effective when positioned on the first page of search results. Statistics show that 87% of Internet users do not click past the first page (Virtual Net Marketing). Business owners and advertisers pay or bid to have their ads placed on a page that is most relevant to their company. The key to an effective ad is its brevity and relevance to what a viewer is looking for.

Benefits of Google AdWords

The creation of AdWords has established a mutually beneficial relationship between Google and any company that pays to advertise. As sites are garnering more traffic, AdWords contributes to the majority of Google’s revenue. This is attributed to the pay-per-click (PPC) service that Google offers to advertisers, in which a company pays only if a viewer clicks on the ad.

Successful Marketing Campaign Strategies

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For any business, marketing is essential. It caters directly to the audience and their needs. Ads, or AdWords, are a tactic which draw the eye of the viewer. They eliminate the necessity of an endless search through Google’s pages, they make the company more accessible and easy to find. However, the most important part of this process are the keywords designated by a company, for that company, that generates Google’s results. Once the keywords are customary, the company is responsible for producing relevant content that is shaped around the terms. This betters the chance of traffic being maneuvered towards the site.

The steps for a successful marketing campaign are as follows:

  1. Conduct a “situation analysis” – This documents the current state of the company, which presents the basis for possible improvement.
  2. Establish a target audience. For AdWords, this helps to better gauge which sites to pay for advertisement.
  3. Set goals that are realistic enough to be achieved. Determine a budget and stick to it. AdWords is a costlier alternative, but if planned correctly, the success amassed is worth the expensive. AdWords are an average of 6 cents per click, depending on the demand for the keyword and how much a company is willing to bid for it. This adds up after a certain amount of time.
  4. Develop strategies and tactics. This is where AdWords can actually be applied. The first step is placing them where they can be seen and clicked on, the second is monitoring if they are benefitting the company by accumulating traffic or not. If not, a different strategy might be needed.

Importance of Video Marketing

SEO and Google AdWords

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a more organic way to attract traffic to a website, powered by natural rankings and search engine algorithms. While AdWords are geared specifically towards Google, the keywords a business uses for SEO are able to appear on all search engines. AdWords are strategically placed, but both rely heavily on the use of keywords, as every business has their own respective terms or phrases. Keeping a realistic budget is important, especially for PPC and CPA mediums, as advertisement should only form a portion of the overall campaign. The choice to use either method is fully dependent on the nature of a marketing campaign. If a company wants a targeted audience, an immediate response, and the budget to continue a campaign, AdWords provides a form of marketing that generates results in an expedited fashion. The best thing a business can do is incorporate a mix of the two, which significantly widens the scope of their Internet presence. Normally, a company’s strategy is to use AdWords in order to establish themselves on the Internet, and then incorporate SEO by consistently optimizing content. This can be done through a well founded social media presence, as well as other search engines, such as YouTube. While both organic and paid search have their distinct benefits and drawbacks, the best approach is to use a mix of both. Organic results ensure the credibility and popularity of a business, and paid results yields immediate results and a higher amount of click rates.

YouTube AdWords Campaign

Due to the fact that SVG is a video production company, the use of AdWords is necessary for both video and content marketing. Google also offers AdWords for video, which lowers the rate of competition and the cost for certain keywords. Companies that know about this type of advertisement have a higher chance of increasing traffic on their own sites, as opposed to others that rely solely on a single form of marketing. With video, businesses are able to control who sees their content by determining a target audience based on certain characteristics (age, gender, interests). While this is more specific, it is an efficient way to reach the desired demographics. YouTube, the second largest search engine in the world, often has its content displayed on Google’s results, which asserts the importance of keywords even further. AdWords allows for the incorporation of ads before, during, and after a video, in which viewers are able to see exactly what a company wants them to see at a designated time and place.

Video Advertising Tips

The three most effective forms of video advertisement include:

  1. In Stream, when ads are played at the beginning, middle and/or end of a YouTube video. The channel that has allowed for ads to play during their videos are often partnered with the company. If the ad is longer than 30 seconds, or if a shorter one is allowed to run its full length without being skipped, the company is charged for the advertisement.
  2. In Search, when ads appear in YouTube’s search results, but do not play until clicked on. If they are, the company is charged for the advertisement.
  3. In Display, when ads are able to be seen next to a video that is already being played, but does not play unless clicked. If it is, the company is charged.

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Today, the Internet is bombarded with advertisement. The average viewer is constantly introduced to new content. This is why a company’s individuality, and a unique ad campaign, is so important. By establishing the most effective keywords, it is possible to exercise the most control over the results that Google generates.