GPC: Discovery to Production Pt. 2

Explainer videos are a great way to get your company and brand noticed. These types of videos are a great way to advertise products such as the Gustavo Preston Company’s Point of Use Filtration System. Boston video production agency, Skillman Video Group, had the pleasure of creating this complex 3D animated explainer video for them. This post is where we go over the Discovery to Production process used for this video. We have worked with GPC in the past and were happy to create a third project for them.

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First up in the batters box in the game of Discovery to Production, is, of course, Discovery. We already knew the client very well and understood their technology from the first two videos. This made the whole process easier. We concluded that all we just needed to update the information to match the point of use filters instead of the point of entry filters.

Discovery is also where the client comes to us with a rough script. They came to us with a script that sounded robotic, so it was our CEO and Creative Director, Christina Skillman‘s, job to make it sound authentic and readable.  Voice acting is tied to this, check Christina’s post, about why you should hire a professional voice actor, so you can understand how it will level up your content. Once the script was finalized, it was sent to our animator so he could start drafting.


On deck, is the strategy stage of the Discovery to Production process. Conversation from the discovery meeting carried over. The strategy is where we discuss the reasoning for the video, the key themes, and key messages of the video. Because all we were doing was updating the animation, and having a new script, we wanted to keep the key themes the same. This will help keep the video on brand and will match the other two explainers.

There’s a lot of stagnant water in buildings that haven’t been used since the start of the pandemic. The purpose of the video was to show how they improve the water quality at the point of use, like sinks and water fountains. GPC is the only company in the northeast to offer something like this. It helps the environment and makes clean water at the point of use and entry. The process is complex and needed to be explained. The audience was building managers, so we had to make it more inherently enjoyable and understandable. The first videos were for engineers. We could be much more technical, but this time we simplified it so it could be digested.


Discovery to pproduction NASA FilterIn the hole is the Creative/Concept portion of the Discovery to Production Process. This is where we discuss what exactly needs to change in the animations. Rob, our animator, went over the installation of the filter. Then he could actually make the animation. He then drafts the animations for review. The client made sure that the right parts were in the right places. Once approved, he started to create the animation.

This stage is where we used a “scratch track” for multiple options of the script. This way we could test out which one sounded better and more authentic. Christina worked with GPC to decide which one sounded better. Once they chose which version they wanted,  we were able to bring on the voice actor and start the pre-production phase.


Next up to bat is the Planning/Pre-Production stage. Just like the previous two videos we created for GPC, there was no actual shoot day because it was all 3D animation and stock footage. This made life easy in terms of logistics. No need to hire a crew or rent out studio space.


Sent to clean up the bases is the Production Phase. Batting cleanup is the production phase. Execution on the animators part takes the most time. In GPC’s case, it did not take as long as the first video because the animator already had the 3D world created. 3D animation is significantly different than normal animation. It requires more time to create the animation, and if you have to redo something, it takes even longer. The only thing left to do at this stage is to create the animation and send it to the client for review. That is exactly what we did.

Check out the final product below! Contact us at if you have questions or are looking for production companies in Boston to start your own project!

Gustavo Preston – 3D Animated Explainer Video – Point-of-Use Filtration from Skillman Video Group on Vimeo.