How Video Can Help With Conversion Rates

You have a good website, you have good branding, you have good social media. 
These are the first steps to a healthy online marketing plan. Once you establish your online presence and once you feel like you’ve begun to stabilize, you might want to consider shaking things up. Adding video to your online marketing strategy means upward change.

Sell them on your soft skills. When it comes to conversions, marketers know the power of the human connection. No other online medium offers such an intimate and engaging experience as does video. Sure, you may have great branding and a great product or service, supercharge those qualities by adding online video content that garners connection, cultivates engagement, and ultimately changes your online conversion rates.

Video increases conversions. Studies have shown time and time again that video on your site will improve traffic, performance, and conversion rates. Use a marketing video on your home page, above the fold, and see engagement, click through rate, time spent on your site increase. And, you’ll soon see your conversions increasing too. Videos builds a sense of trust and legitimacy to your brand that is unmatchable by another standard.

Even when a video is featured on your site and isn’t watched, statistics show that your site STILL performs better. Just the mere presence of video increases conversions, let alone if the visitor presses play or not. Video, in every way, ups your sites credibility.

It’s outright impossible to avoid the benefits of video on your site and social media. Nothing will nurture engagement quite like video. Consider the benefits of video, it may just be what your site needs to increase reputability, credibility, legitimacy and the subsequent conversions will reflect our mantra: Content is king, and video is it’s crown.