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Increase Mobile Video Traffic

In a recent survey, by Cisco researchers found that “by 2020, 75% of mobile traffic will be video,” which will be up 55% from last year. So what does this mean for businesses looking to generate consumers through video? In order for a business to take advantage of mobile video, it must create a marketing video and website design that will work on all mobile devices.

According to Cisco, by 2020 there will also be an increase in mobile devises, which will exceed 11 billion. Also in the next four years close to 7 trillion video clips is projected to be uploaded. All these numbers and projections are great, but for businesses looking to continuously evolve with technology, 2020 may be frittering. As more businesses focus their attention on video marketing, the increase in mobile video traffic means considering the format of videos. Over the past 15 years our attentions spans have slowly decreased from 12 seconds to 8.25 seconds. Unfortunately this means we are now less focused than a goldfish. Some have assumed that lack of attention is due to technology. Though this is presumably saddening statistic, for marketing campaigns this means a marketing video must be formatted for all mobile devises and will provide the message in 2 minutes or less.

What does this mean for video marketing campaigns that aren’t mobilize?

that aren’t optimized for mobiles need to change their strategy immediately and get on the band wagon. It is apparent that YouTube has always been the main stream for video marketing and has made it easier to stream videos through mobile devices. In other words, if a business has a YouTube channel, then their video marketing campaign could last into 2020. However without producing videos with relevant content and a unique message, there is no reason to even post a video. The audience must always be kept in mind when developing a video marketing campaign. At SVG we constantly make it known that without a creative story and message, the video will be useless to a business’ consumers. Streaming video on mobile devices grabs a viewer’s attention more immediately. Consumers don’t want to be told about a product or business for 10 minutes, they want comprehensive information shown to them in under 2 minutes. Again, mobile devices will make it easier for consumers to watch a marketing video but the video must directly pertain to the audience and evolve with technology.

For some businesses this is easier said than done. How can a business keep up with the ever changing realm of YouTube and mobile devices? In a recent REELSEO article by blogger Greg Jarboe, he outlines the mobile marketing strategy that will help keep any business up to date:

Greg outlines questions every business should be asking themselves. The most important question is who and what. Yes, the way we view video is constantly changing but that doesn’t mean the business’ message and audience has to. Instead, a business must understand their consumers and video streaming habits. This will ultimately help produce a video that will grab the audience’s attention.

What are some technical considerations when designing for mobile?

Technical aspects of video marketing are a messy situation for any business with little to no background on website design and video production. “Flashy” has always been a technique SVG has strayed from, this meaning distasteful music that doesn’t match with the videos setting, and effects that are overdone which ultimately takes away from the message and story. We believe a video must be visually effective and not have distractions. Though we constantly repeat ourselves, a video marketing campaign will not fail if the unique story and message is there. Yet, a website and video must be formatted to fit a mobile device, this means when consumers go to watch a video the statement “This content is not supported for this device” shouldn’t  turn up. As we move into an age where video streaming is done less on computers and more on mobile devices, the last statement any consumers wants to see is that they can’t view content. The consumer will then move onto another competitor’s website that is formatted for his or her device. Unfortunately if the content and ability to view the content isn’t there, then the business is more likely to lose potential clients. However, a business doesn’t have to feel as if they need to go through this process alone. Professional video marketing corporations, like SVG, are there to continuously guide a business through every step of the marketing campaign process. At SVG we provide:

2020 will be here in no time, and so long as a business is willing to format their websites and videos for mobile devices there should be less worry and more excitement for the future. With SVG there to provide a helping hand through the entire video marketing process, businesses should find themselves reaching a wider range of consumers and generating greater growth.