Is Content Marketing Dead?

An increasing number of people are now wondering if the blog posts and pages they are writing for their sites are even worth it.

It appears to creators that their content marketing is becoming less and less effective as time goes on. And right now, according to Hubspot, many believe that their content is acting very mediocre when compared to the vast majority of other content out there. They also don’t think their content marketing is very effective. In fact, they think it is as effective as anything that is extremely mundane would be. Basically, not very.

Bots and Content Marketing

Another reason content marketers have been discouraged lately is because artificial intelligence seems to be taking over. Recently, bots have appeared to be doing a lot more than just personalizing your Google searches. However, this is simply not the case. Bots may be able to put together facts, but they can’t do what people in video production Boston do best. They can’t write content.

Bots, however, can have a very positive influence on content marketing. For example, they can create personalized content for users that users want.

Internet users today want everything handed to them. They want their information to be exactly what they need, they want it as soon as possible, and they want it to be easily accessible so they can have it where they want. This is what bots do best. Bots can organize the information, or your content, and suggest it to users they think would want it the most. If you, the one providing the content, are having your said content suggested to more readers, it will only benefit you. Bots are not out to replace you, they are out to help you.

Creating High Quality Content

The importance of quality in your content is slowly becoming more relevant as time goes on. Bots can’t give you quality, only you can provide that. Some of what is strewn across the internet today is not quality. If you’ve ever heard of clickbait, you’ll know. Users are getting sick of that now. Clickbait, along with other types of misinformation, are becoming increasingly less attractive to users who are looking for genuine information about certain topics. And in Boston video production, clickbait doesn’t work.Google Algorithms

When thinking about your content, it is important to think about the type of user you want your content to attract. If all you have is clickbait and lazy articles, then you will only get viewers who want to read that type of content. So make sure your content speaks to the type of viewer you’ll want to attract.

User Friendly Content

Start by making sure you have quality content like articles, blog posts, etc. being uploaded regularly to your site. Google loves to recommend sites that are consistently uploading content, so that alone will work to your advantage. And make sure there is visual content as well. Photos and videos attract users as well because they are visually appealing and an easy way to gain quality information. Skillman Video Group is a video production companies Boston, and provides quality videos for businesses everywhere. Videos are a great way to attract both new and regular users of your site to either buy a product from you or purchase whatever it is you may be selling.Boston video production company

Value is the most important part of what a viewer is interested in. Which means you need to perform to the level that your audience needs. Keeping your content quality is important, but so is researching what your viewers want to see. If you have amazing content but it speaks to a completely wrong audience than what you are going for, you won’t get very far. So make sure you look into what your viewers want. Do tests to see how certain content performs compared to others. Use whatever content performs the best more often, and don’t use as much of other content that doesn’t resonate well with users. Do the research so that your site and your business can only benefit and grow with.

One thing you must remember: quality content does not mean complicated content. Don’t confuse your viewers with language or concepts they cannot even begin to understand. Present your information in a way that viewers can comprehend it without having to google a new word every other sentence. While having professional language and concepts is important so as not to let your site become too juvenile, you don’t want to intimidate your viewers into clicking off your page and onto a different one where they can better understand the material.

Creating quality content that viewers can understand might seem like an unnecessary task, but it is what these internet users want.

Content is important. It is what drives Google, it is what drives businesses. Users want to see it, and they want to see it consistently. So the next time someone tells you it isn’t really that important, understand that it is what your website and your business needs to grow.


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