Behind the Scenes: “The Haunting of the Keywords”

(January 19, 2017) – Coming to a wicked good theater near you is the latest intern video from Skillman Video Group. Fall Boston video production interns Anna and Deane collaborated on this scary movie trailer parody about what happens when you forget to use your keywords…

What is the use of Keywords?

“The Haunting of the Keywords” follows two video marketing interns on their first few days living in Boston. They discover an intriguing haunted house and decide to explore and record what they see. When the interns post the video of the house on Youtube, they both decide against using proper SEO, which means adding a title, description, or keywords. Strange things start happening to the interns, almost as if they are being sent paranormal messages reminding them to make their video discoverable, but they figure that out a little too late…

Anna and Deane followed the same process as a professional video production company while making their video. First, the interns brainstormed a long list of ideas and inspiration for their video, wrote scripts, and eventually chose their favorite idea. Anna and Deane both knew that they wanted their video to be funny and found inspiration from comedy sketches and current television commercials.

Once the script was selected, it was time to begin planning out the shoot. This means that, similar to professional Boston video production companies, Anna and Deane had to plan the setting for the shoot, cast the roles, and start blocking out each scene. Unlike corporate video production companies, Anna and Deane could not hire outside professionals and had to assume the roles of the costumer director, set designer, director, and both audio and camera technicians. This video project was on a small enough scale that filling all these roles was manageable yet informative about what the professionals in these career paths have to do at a shoot.

Anna and Deane are both extremely grateful for their time as interns at SVG. If it wasn’t for the guidance and teachings of Christina Skillman, they would not have been able to properly advertise their video with proper SEO including titles, descriptions, and keywords. They are both looking forward to their next adventure, but they will never forget their time at SVG.