Online Marketing Videos (2010)

At Skillman Video Group we believe that, when used correctly, online marketing videos are of the most successful and cost effective way to market your company online.

We will soon be releasing a case study on our new service, Social Video Marketing.

Social Video Marketing combines the use of high quality video marketing with Internet marketing technology to convert web visitors into new leads. 

As we have mentioned before, Internet Marketing works in two ways.  1) getting people to first come to your site through SEO and social media, and 2) once on your site, the content must be engaging enough to compel the casual visitors into a valuable lead.

This is what we call at Skillman Video Group the “video conversion point.” 

Combining the power of the video medium with the power of the Internet gets our clients the best return on investment possible!  

e focus not just on producing the highest quality video, but also  on the importance of routing as many viewers as possible to that video thereby expanding your presence in the marketplace.

By using the right keywords and tags, we make sure your videos can be found on the web.

Also, by incorporating a  blog posts and web announcements on your site, you can keep your content fresh and Google relevant.

We started implementing these techniques ourselves in October 2009.

Google ranks website traffic and searches on a scale of zero to ten, with nines and tens being the Facebooks of the world.

When our new site launched in October 2009, our website was ranked a zero by Google.

Our old html site was static and we weren’t generating leads from the web.

In October 2009 we started an agressive Internet marketing plan using the services outlined in our soon to be published Case Study. 

By the time our case study had concluded, we were coming up as #1 in 9 targeted key words.  Within 6 months of us launching our new program, our paged jumped to a number four ranking on Google, a very impressive feat for a company of our size.

The results of this online marketing effort is that our traffic is up, our content is fresh, and it’s helping our business grow.

For example, our recent blog post on Video Legal Depositions was the direct source for Duane Morris LLP locating our services (please read about that job below) though a Google search and booking us just a day later.

Our Social Video Marketing program is the most efficient way to market on the web.

Our online efficiency techniques direct maximum traffic to your site, and our quality videos tell your story in the most effective and dynamic way possible.

Call us today about your Online Marketing Video!