Internet Trends of 2017

Social Media Marketing Trends

The Internet is constantly growing. Every day, new content is produced, uploaded, viewed, and downloaded to create an ongoing cycle of consumption and sharing via various social media platforms. In addition to the younger generation of Internet users, the Web has expanded to appeal to the interests of every individual, which has made for an inclusive, participatory environment.

Mary Meeker’s 2017 Report Overview

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In May, Mary Meeker, partnered with Kleiner Perkins, released her Internet Trends Report for 2017 at the Code Conference, held in California. This report consisted of a slideshow with 355 slides, and touched upon subjects including technology corporations, startup companies, media producers, and Internet users as a whole. Some of the most prominent points and important takeaways include:

  1. Ads are specifically catered to every user, which is worrisome due to security concerns. This, in turn, leads to purchases in Ad-Blocking software. However, giants such as Facebook and YouTube are modifying their methods of effective ad targeting and quantification. Moreover, Internet advertising continues to grow, most of it concentrated in Google and Facebook, and predicted to surpass Television advertisement by a significant margin (Forbes). According to the report itself, Google’s ad revenue grew by 20% in 2016, and Facebook a staggering 62%, which distinguishes them as the most effective mediums a company can advertise through. Facebook Boosts are an easy, affordable way to advertise and reach new audiences. Any business is capable of running ads through this service, as it does not require a professional. Facebook is making the ability to market much simpler as more businesses rely on the platform to advertise their products and business’ information. On the other hand, Google AdWords does require a professional, but provides a more in depth analysis, allowing a company to target its audiences and demographics in a more efficient way.
  2. Voice Accuracy is a trend that increases with every sale of Amazon Alexa, or Amazon Echo. Google has also entered the voice recognition market with Google Home. Regardless of the competition, recognition software is becoming a focus for both consumers and companies. The software has become so advanced that the accuracy for voice recognition has reached 95% (Forbes).
  3. The Cloud, while a mystery to some, is reliable software that ensures the backup of a user’s data in an accessible, shareable structure. This increase in Cloud dependency has led to market diversification, mostly because users do not want to rely on solely one type of software. Software builders are therefore creating Cloud programs, such as Amazon Web, Microsoft Azure, or Google Drive, that cater to the specific needs of what users need to store.
  4. Gaming, it was reported, is quickly becoming “the most engaging form of social media.” While the revenue is heavily centralized in Asia, there are approximately 2.6 billion gamers online today, which establishes a thriving market for technology and consumers alike. This is even more beneficial for the VR movement, as a rise in advanced software calls for more interactivity, which is quickly becoming mainstream in today’s market. A business is able to advertise through gaming networks, especially because it is an effective way for people to communicate with each other.
  5. The competition between Netflix and network television is ongoing. In the last 10 years, Netflix increased its home entertainment revenue by 30%, making accessibility and original, stream-able content the preferable form of consumption. More users are also tuning into YouTube instead of PrimeTime TV, which demonstrates that the Internet is becoming the predominant place for media consumption. For businesses, this means that video marketing, and advertising through YouTube, is a good way to reach every audiences.
  6. Smartphone sales and Internet growth are plateauing, making for a consistent amount of Internet users that remains a steady 10% increase each year. The only exception, however, is in India, in which Internet growth was 26% in 2016. In light of this number, it leaves plenty of room for membership to increase in 2017. Moreover, mobile Internet use is also becoming the norm as the cost of bandwidth decreases.

Social Media Trends for Business

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For a company, an important step in its development is being able to keep up with fleeting trends in order to remain relevant and produce content that engages their clients. Social media will continue to remain a constant, which ensures a business’ capacity to advertise through the various platforms that are available. As the Internet grows, so will the amount of people who use it. In order to stay pertinent, a company needs to adapt to this change. When these points are taken into consideration, the trends that have assimilated into everyday routines become distinguishable, and the technological progress can be discerned from years prior. The fact that new developments are released incrementally makes it difficult for trends to be seen as fleeting, as they tend to become part of normal life.

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